A Liberal National Party politician has been caught out helping China try to take over Australia and the rest of the world.

The Australian has revealed that Rob Molhoek, the LNP’s party whip and Qld member for Southport, helped in 2017 to establish the Queensland arm of the World UAV Federation. The Qld branch’s top guy is a senior Chinese government official named Jincai Yang, so there is nothing iffy there

With “chapters” all over the world, the UAV is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Federation which disguises itself as a non-profit organisation in different countries to promote the Drone industry. Trouble is, it is a Trojan Horse for Chinese DJI drone manufacturing and therefore the Chinese government.

Which means its intent is to spy on all our countries with the very technology they are angling to flog us.

The technology they are promoting via expos and government lobbying has been flagged by both the US and Australian governments over cybersecurity concerns. Basically, they know the Ching Chongs are peddling dodgy drones which simultaneously transmit all data right back to Beijing, where they would be able to seize control of the craft. From then on, once they had its controls, they could use the drone to bomb our cities and pubs.

Rob, who was previously engaged to (probable) Chinese spy Lucy Gu, was spoiled with all manner of kickbacks. He was wined, dined, and flown to China as part of a supposed trade junket. But really, he was being softened up and since he had developed a powerful lust for Chinese poon-tang, recruiting him as Qld’s drone dupe was a cinch.

Molhoek has dug himself a deeper ditch by posing for grip-and-grin shots with Jincai Yang and lecturing at Peking University. But his suspect behaviour doesn’t end with being treated to free trips 14 times by Beijing, or Shenzen where the industry is based. He is also reported to have stakes in Zhi Shan Zhi Health Consulting (Shenzen) Company, and “logistics and online sales Mainland China, sale and logistics Mainland China.”

God knows what that even is — probably code for a secret invasion force fronting as a cosmetic outlet or something — but honest Rob has shares in it.

After being put on the spot, he’s come out and made all sorts of denials, pleading innocent and claiming everything is ridgy didge. But he’s full of crap and deserves to be taken out and dragged in front of a firing squad. Doubtless, he is up to a whole bunch of shady stuff involving selling our secrets to China, and smuggling in dragon embryos to aid China’s conquest of our land, but we know enough about him now. We won’t let the traitorous little turd out of our sight.

Meanwhile, a dickhead Labor minister who thought she’d cash in on this scandal and score points for their party was sprung having also appeared for a publicity shot with Jincai Yang.

This morning Queensland Tourism Minister Kate Jones got stuck into Molhoek at a press conference, saying, “As the Minister for Innovation and responsible for drones in Queensland, I certainly have not been given or accepted any free trips to China.

“It’s concerning that the company here in question was banned in the USA and was banned in Australia for some time, as we understand it, for concerns about spying.”

However, Jones forgot that on her own Facebook page is footage of her meeting with Yang at Brisbane’s State Government-sponsored World of Congress. Both her and State Development Minister Cameron Dick, who lives up to his name, shared a table and can be seen shaking hands and smiling like best mates with the Chinese agent.


Molhoek and his Chinese handler Jincai Yang


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