August 16, 2019


Pauline Hanson has once again embarrassed the Nationalist message by misusing it for her own self-interested purposes.

Hanson yesterday Tweeted ‘A twitter mob (sic) is trying to get me deplatformed. I think we can turn their hashtag into a force for good. Anti-white racism is often ignored because victims remain silent but it is important the truth get out. Use #WakeUpToRacism to share your experiences of anti-white racism.”

Before we dissect this albatross around the neck of the Anglo-Celtic-European Australian struggle, let’s get something clear: use Twitter and you deserve all you get.

According to the anti-White media, the story became all about the stinging comebacks she invited on herself from Lefty wags mocking the concept of anti-white racism.

Multiculturalism (read, multiracialism) is anti-White racism. It’s as real as any other kind of racism. Being “racist” is such a natural thing that all races do that if it wasn’t a tool in the anti-White arsenal then it would be scrubbed out of the dictionary tomorrow.

But words count less than deeds and reducing a parent population to a competing community within its own borders is worse than any word. This is what is happening to the Australian people, who aren’t even acknowledged as a people. Americans are distinctive from the British by their accents, their attitude, aspects of their culture and their hopes and dreams. They are no more merely transplanted Europeans than the Boors, or Canadians, or indeed our Kiwi neighbours. Yet, the idea is encouraged among thought-shapers that we are simply surplus Brits in the way of a multiracial idyllic.

However, Hanson has had over 20 years to make this point, but most recently she had been touting the message, ‘You Don’t Have To Be White’ (to support her One Nation Party, nor indeed become a candidate or stack branches).

When Fraser Anning came along, Hanson was even devolving into an anti-racist, condemning him for saying pretty much what she’s now trying to own. He was by no means clued-up or a genuine nationalist, but he wasn’t faking either. Hanson is faking and her disingenuousness shows. It is an embarrassment.

She has gone from You Don’t Have to be White, to It’s All Right to be White in the time it took Anning to lose his seat. That is what’s known as cynical politicking.

Hanson has been made aware by one of her cadre that she lost touch entirely with her support base and the best she can come up with is to mouth what is becoming a stale cliché. The very real struggle of White Australia is once again being used exploitatively by a politician infamous for her opportunism and insincerity. She is simply trying to regain some of the cred she lost over the past couple of years. But the trivialisation she has brought to the cause is worse for our struggle than if it were never given voice.

The Tweet is the province of the Twit

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