August 15, 2019


Chinese expats in Perth are being scared out of their happy shoes by a Land Rover made over to look exactly like a Chinese police vehicle which has been cruising about town.

Images of the white 4WD with the Chinese characters and distinctive markings were shared to a Facebook group by concerned celestials. It was then reported as news by the dunderheaded dross over at the Daily Mail who’ve never authored an original yarn in their lives. The markings read in turn “Police” on the bonnet and “Public Safety” on the side. A decal of a Chinese Police badge is also added as an ominous touch.

Even though the DM’s owners couldn’t give a crap whether or not China invaded Australia as long as they get to keep peddling their clickbait, it’s nonetheless an important story. Basically, China has dispatched agents to maintain order in Australia and be sure that no expats are supporting the dissident protesters in Hong Kong.

It is pretty much a political intrusion into our country, but then this sort of caper goes on all the time. Typical Australians who love footy and beer couldn’t give a Grogan and tend to go mullet-eyed when pressed for an opinion on China. However, this is the point just before they start sending real soldiers onto our shores to ensure the protection of China’s interests. They’ve already sailed into Sydney Harbour in warships openly carrying machine guns as a blatant act of Sino intimidation so anything is possible. It’s a nightmare.

Of course, a good solution to the problem would be to kick out all Chinese, regardless of whether or not they’ll face persecution back home. We have to adopt the attitude NOP, or ‘Not Our Problem’, and take up nuclear arms against the tiny dragon-loving bastards.

The Daily Mail reported that expat Ho Yan Kwan said, “We are fearful of such Chinese authorities, as most Australians know about the protests in Hong Kong by now.”

However, the ever-unreliable DM never actually mentioned to whom Kwan said this or where. But they added that he shared an email from a WA Police sergeant who dismissed his complaint telling him, “Whilst I understand your concerns, the person [driving the vehicle] is not committing any WA offences by having Chinese markings on their vehicle, therefore I cannot allocate for this inquiry.”

That’s quite typical of the attitude we have come to expect where China is concerned. Only when Australians wake up to find the PLA casually barbecuing koala bears on the steps of our town halls will the danger register.

Is there anything those sneaky gooks AREN'T up to?

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