August 14, 2019


Police are trying to decide how best to characterise the act of terror unleashed by a 21-year-old Turkish-Cypriot man who embarked on a six-minute stabbing frenzy in Sydney’s CBD yesterday.

The anti-terror squad are combing through his bedroom and investigating his social media accounts for possible links that might help determine whether he’s a terrorist or just a garden variety head case. All indicators are that he’s as mad as a cut snake. However, while Police do agree it was an act of terror, they are loath to declare it an act of Islamic terror. Nonetheless, terror is as terror does.

However, the distinction becomes important as a matter of how long they lock him up for and whether or not they can throw away the key.

Marayong-based Mert Surec Ney shouted radicalised slogans while rampaging with a knife in Sydney’s CBD just after 2:00 pm on Tuesday. In footage from the incident, he can be seen leaping onto a car at an intersection near Wynyard shouting “Allah Akbar” and inciting the police to “shoot me”. A middle-aged businessman dubbed Chair Man [Lawyer John Bamford ED] who appears to have bravely decided to intervene can be seen in video footage herding him like a lion tamer with a wicker chair.

Calls to Police warned of a balaclava-clad male armed with a 30cm butchers knife wandering through York Street in Sydney’s CBD. Minutes later the knifeman slashed a 41-year-old woman in the back in the Hotel CBD, on the corner of King and York Streets. It was then that he ran out onto the road and leapt onto the car shouting “Allah Akbar”.

A coalition of heroic bystanders, including firemen brandishing axes who’d returned from fighting a house fire, all gave chase. Nobody could have known how many had been stabbed or the extent of the carnage. Two brothers from Manchester, along with their colleague, and the unidentified businessman became heroes after pinning down the crazed blade-swinger until police arrived.

Interestingly, both brothers are athletes who admitted to being committed to intervening in a terror incident, if ever they were able. Watching the commotion unfold outside the window of their York Street office where both work at digital talent agency MAP Talent they instinctively sprang into action. Luke O’Shaughnessy, 30, is a Muy Thai boxer while brother Paul is a former midfielder for Pommy League One Club Bury.

The brothers were accompanied by fellow Brit and co-worker Lee Cuthbert who said, “We all just ran down the building and chased him down the street. Everyone was kind of panicking, no one really knew what was happening. Not your normal Tuesday.”

Paul told the Daily Mail Australia, “We ran straight over to the coffee shop and there was one guy already tussling with him. Then Luke went over to him and gripped him and we pinned him down. We put a plastic crate over his head and restrained him.”

Paul was frank about his assessment of whether or not Ney was a terrorist. He recounted how the knifeman was yelling “religious statements” while being held down, but he said, “Obviously there’s something clearly wrong with him, he didn’t look normal or anything like that.”

A video, now removed, showed an Aussie bystander taunting the incapacitated Ney, calling him a “dog” and warning him, “You’re dead when you get to Silverwater Jail”. We’d like to commend him for his commentary.

It wasn’t until an hour later, that police discovered the body of a 24-year-old woman in a Clarence Street apartment. Her throat had been slit, but Police weren’t yet sure whether she was connected to the knife-wielding maniac. Meanwhile, the woman whose back Ney slashed was rushed to St Vincents Hospital in Darlinghurst where her injuries are apparently superficial.

Ney was reportedly receiving mental health care, and had checked himself in for a voluntary stay at a mental health care ward, but went on the lam. Last week, he estranged himself further from his mother and sisters one of whom described him as “hostile”. The unnamed sister told Nine News, “I want him to suffer. I want them to put him in the worst mental health institution. But I know the law might be lenient or oh, he’s mentally ill, we’ll let him go. Then another woman’s going to die.”

Yazel Ney, another of Mert’s sisters, had reported him to police six days prior to the incident after he punched and choked her during a domestic rampage.

Police were, in fact, searching for Ney in relation to that matter. Previously, he had become known to them when he was arrested for possession of weapons including a set of knuckledusters. Police on Tuesday revealed that he had in his possession a USB stick containing information about mass killings and other “extremist” material including references to the Christchurch mosque shootings.

Yet, Ney’s sister told Nine News, “I know I’m dark-skinned and look like I’m from the Middle East, that’s going to be an obvious thing. But, I’m not Islamic. My mum’s not Islamic, my sister’s not Islamic, my dad’s probably straight up atheist. We’ve got like nothing to do with Islam at all.”

The sister suggested Ney may have screamed “Allah Akbar” to frighten bystanders. She said, “It’s a scary thing to hear… It could be a tactic I guess, that’s it.”

Friends of Ney from Blacktown High School remembered him as a weird loner and claimed that he had recently converted to Islam. One of these told Nine, “I always thought he was a bit weird and he was always posting on Facebook about converting to Islam and stuff like that. But I didn’t expect him to go this far.”

Two teenagers staying at a Blacktown halfway house told Nine News on the night before his rampage he was “agitated” and “scary”. Apparently, they heard him in the next room discussing terrorism.

All of this points to a wannabe terrorist, despite his mental state. According to mainstream thinking, anyone who subscribes to an “extremist” set is mentally ill anyway. And it pains us to do this, to invoke the old “Yet if…” rule, however, if it had been a White nut shouting about ‘RAHOWA’ (Racial Holy War) there would be no question of an extremist intent. We saw as much with the arrest of Phil Galea on terror charges.

Yet, let’s examine what this “terrorist” achieved for the cause that he may or may not have a genuine clue about.

He killed a 24-year-old woman – his only Australian victim — who it is revealed was a prostitute that he may have contacted half-an-hour before killing on the basis of a business transaction. Whereabouts he found her contact details we couldn’t say, but it’s odds-on he wouldn’t have been able to afford her. Still, the fact contact was made, and she let him in means she was prepared to fornicate with him for money. And a Clarence Street address is high rent, being a CBD pad.*

Michaela Dunn, was, by all accounts, a disgrace to the Australian people. Nevertheless, the media tributes are calling her an “incredible woman” who ticked all the SJW boxes. Raised by wealthy parents, she attended Rosebank Catholic College before completing a degree at the University of Notre Dame. All that privilege and she still chose to sell herself for pocket money.

Apparently, she was always off holidaying in places like Fiji, California, and Sri Lanka. And how did she pay for all that Woke international jet-setting? By prostituting herself to dirty greaseballs like Ney. So, we at NAB have zero sympathies for her or her “incredible” lifestyle. Likewise, his other victim, Linda Bo, 41, was a Chinese national, so in theory, we owe Ney a debt of gratitude.

He is, of course, a filthy wog who, along with his family, should have never been allowed into Australia. All the advocates of multiculturalism and globalism take the blame for his actions if indeed you care enough to figure he actually did anything wrong. So far, we’ve had a hard time considering these to be victims.

But we can say this with all assuredness, Mert Ney is a really stupid name.


* According to ‘sex worker advocacy group The Scarlet Alliance, Ney had one previous session with Dunn. How this Turkish spastic could afford her beats us, but frankly, it serves her right for being a paid race traitor. The Clarence St premises were being rented by her and a friend for the purposes of selling themselves.

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A failure at school, and a failure at terrorism. No wonder he wanted the cops to shoot him
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Michaela Dunn the "incredible woman" whose European holidays were paid for with the semen from Arabs like Ney
New Australian Bulletin editor Daryl Royce just happened to be around the corner from the spot where it happened


  1. Honestly, I cannot understand why a young woman, who was so pretty & clearly well educated, would turn to THAT! What the HELL was she thinking & why? Women usually turn to that when they’re desperate, often not skilled & not that bright. But this girl wasn’t anything like that. I don’t get it. I’m stoked.

    1. The sex industry actively recruits from universities. Just like the Socialist Alliance, or whatever, they will rock along and set up their stalls and normalise what is, really, a dangerous and dirty profession which exploits both genders. In the case of Michaela, it was funding her jet-set lifestyle. For the sake of travelling the world, she slept with creatures like Ney. Well, according to the latest she did sleep with him once, and perhaps before he murdered her, although how in hell that unkempt Arab nit could afford the likes of a high-class hooker like her is beyond us. But that’s the moral strength of this woman. Do you blame the normalisation around the choice, or do you hold every single person responsible for their choices? While the White Race is being outnumbered partly because of race mixers, it’s hard for us to care what happened to her, although we’re not encouraging any sicko misogynist crap, we’re not shy about where our priorities lie.

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