Sun. Dec 15th, 2019


Is the gay dollar the inciting factor in the rise of the madness associated with transgender activism? By madness, we mean the totally unnatural and harmful rise in “castrating children” as paediatrics professor John Whitehall describes the transgender chemical-mutilation of children.

What is happening in the reported rise of children seeking ‘gender reassignment’, or rather, their parents arranging it for them, is a dangerous and untested escalation in the use of hormone treatment, or “puberty blockers”.

These drugs prevent the child from developing the natural characteristics of his or her sex, making him or her an “it”.

The push to promote this unnecessary and fashionable affliction and its antidote has been taken up with an alacrity typical of big chem and its agents. As usual, the ‘benefits’ VS ‘risks’ assessment has all been titled in favour of its marketing rather than its trial.

This becomes, aside from a serious health issue, and matter of ethics. In this instance, it would appear the transgender lobby is utterly devoid of moral principles that aren’t centred on themselves.

The whole thing begins with “gender dysphoria” an utterly bogus condition less plausible than demonic possession. In fact, going back a century or two, that’s very well what it may have been considered. The child is ostensibly unhappy with their biological sex and cannot stand to live a minute more without an unnatural medical intervention.

None of the NAB authors we queried about the phenomenon, all of whom were born before such a disorder became fashionable, can remember a single kid from their childhood suffering this thing. That’s just to add an anecdotal level. If they had, it would probably have been more a case of getting him or her the correct mental health care rather than rushing to the GP for a scrip to go and get their privates chemically tampered with.

So, this means that this sudden surge in gender identity confusion is a very recent deal. Now, since we can’t get dental care on the Medicare plan, and no effort is being made to create progress in that direction, why is it all of a sudden as if there’s a doctor waiting just outside the bedroom of every child to swoop in and whisk them off for hormone therapy? And how come real illnesses gain less attention in schools and universities than this sick load of degenerate twaddle?

Is there an equivalent epidemic in poor countries where perhaps the marginal voice of the queer lobby and all its attendant derivatives isn’t so loud? We will skip “probably not” and go directly to not bloody likely. Which means this is a disease of decadence, the kind of “me” obsessed drivel typical of those without any actual problems to face.

One answer, then, aside from a good punch in the head for the parents of the kids in question (or the kids if need be) is to find them better problems. A war with China would certainly divert their attention from their loathing of their genitals and overall sex. Likewise, the Gaza-Strip Transfer Theory could provide a much-needed solution to the problem. In this exciting theory, a self-centred person is suddenly transported from their safety zone into the conflict-riven Gaza strip. They have about a tenth of a second to duck once they materialise lest a bullet from the rifle of an Israeli soldier or a rock thrown from the hand of a Palestinian kiddie cracks them in the nonce.

It’s fair to say, any healthy individual immune to the poison of hard-left identity politics and the social peril they’ve engendered would not react comfortably to being around a transgender person. The same way watching open-heart surgery while trying to gobble down your evening steak and chips would turn most from their appetite, so is being around a creature that is nauseating for its aberrance from normality.

Many of us on the NAB staff would feel physically sick if we found ourselves around homos, but the thought of trying to wolf down our tucker with this half-male half-female freak dripping with strange chemicals and exuding unholy scents would make us chunder for the next ten evening meals.

And the thought of accidentally touching one of these mutants would necessitate amputation of the unhappily affected body part.

Of course, the gay lobby is directly to blame for the rise of gender dysphoria and the enforced “education” that goes around normalising it. Currently, there are programs in place in libraries in Sydney and Melbourne where parents take their toddlers along to have stories read to them by drag queens. These disgusting perverts encourage the kids to come to the readings in drag. And upwardly mobile, elite parents, oblige. These are the same sort of parents who when they get their child home sit them up seriously and ask them, “Are you happy being a little boy? Wouldn’t you rather be a little girl?’

“I guess so, mummy. I would much prefer to be like Kylie Jenner.”

“Kylie is a wonderful role-model, sweetie.”

This sort of activism comes out of the successful lobbying by queers from the 1980s. It was a hard slog, what with bitter realities to deal with such as the AIDS crisis, but they managed to break through. Suddenly the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras went from being a fringe event that kids like us NAB writers would head down to throw stones at, to an international event televised on ABC, with all the protection that big money events ensure.

Which is the key to it all, because if the gay lobby were a bunch of rat-bastard poor-folk without a bean to toss towards their defence, none of this would be happening. In essence, it’s money that’s to blame or the fact that queers have so much of it.

In decades past, they spoke of the “queer dollar”. That dollar helped to gentrify the inner-city and since homos generally don’t produce children, they have much more of a disposable income for banks etc to drool at.

The gay dollar was the inroads to the fringe-set, such as S&M freaks, paedophiles and trannies. There has long been a “child liberation” movement which seeks to decriminalise the criminality of homosexual adults wishing to abuse children. They go to great lengths to argue that a child is perfectly capable of agreeing to sex with an adult with full comprehension of what they’re doing even if it seems their bodies haven’t entirely developed, much less their brains.

They might be resisting the pedos for now, but the question is, how long can it last until their money finally starts to talk?

The banks are willingly persecuting anybody who is “transphobic” while the inculcation of children into this abominable abuse accelerates. It’s more a case of clamping down on conscientious objectors, or dissenters. It centres not around a libertarian principle of inclusivity but around the almighty shekel.i

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