The most frequently asked question among serious Australians who want to do proper nationalist activism is what can I do?

Most recently, that kind of sincerity has led many a well-meaning Australian into the hands of counter-activist agencies. Micro parties, individuals, Facebook-based societies have all drawn in and confounded many who are not attuned to the fine political discrepancies which separate true nationalists from imitators with ulterior motives.

There have been scam artists rife in the ‘far-right’ milieu and they’ve never gone away; with each new phase, they renew themselves and turn up again looking for vulnerable marks. These scammers more often than not tend to lead double lives and are often working secretly with those from the ‘far-left’ to destroy those they deem obstacles. This is an unbelievable reality that is very hard to explain to newcomers.

The past four years saw an exciting spike in patriot-related activism, which created minor celebrities, or infamous persons, and by doing so vested these personalities with the erroneous idea they were movement leaders.

Yet, it was all false. Social movements like Reclaim Australia, as sincere as supporters might have been, was hijacked by a conservative coalition (if indeed it hadn’t been created by them) to use Islam as an organising issue. This ‘trend’ was a copy of what was happening throughout Europe with groups dedicated solely to isolating Muslims as a problem in their Anglo-Celtic-European societies. Often, these groups have Jewish finance and influence driving them; as the whole anti-Islam tenet when separated from nationalist ideals becomes an auxiliary support base for neo-conservative, pro-Israel, pro-Zionist interests.

Sentiment stoked by these groups helped strengthen useful canards about the Middle East and the so-called War on Terror.

Meanwhile, proper nationalists, who were lining up to claim their slice of the pie and use the opportunity for this sudden groundswell of patriotic spirit as a recruitment opportunity, became ostracised by those who’d now moved in to claim ownership of the movement. They were singled out and derided as “Nazis” and all manner of the trope was devised to demonise them and ensure they gained no influence among the anti-Islam crowd.

At the same time, a street-level bloc had come into being. At first, it was pleased to accept help from the ‘Nazis’ for things like security details. But then, those spin-merchants who worked for mainstream acceptance of the anti-Islam scene made public theatre of condemning and ousting anyone they deemed ‘Nazi’.

Ironic then, just a couple of years later, when the alt-right was in full swing some of these swindlers would recreate themselves as hardcore ethno-nationalists. The trouble was, as disingenuous as these characters were when active in the anti-Islam cause, they now made equally unconvincing caricatures of national socialists; so much so that, when the detectives among us do their research, they find that this act too was most likely sanctioned by handlers from inside the state. Having created ‘leaders’, they went on to direct them on where and how to lead their supporters and to what.

Mind you, in the case of labelling groups and persons ‘Nazis’, this was a pejorative aimed at nationalists who have been a historical enemy of the conservative class. Why do this, you might ask. Why suddenly pretend to be Nazis? Because nationalists are not Nazis and do not subscribe to cultish worship of that sect. Nationalists understand that as White people they are Australians first because Australians are White, but any notion of diluting that identity to favour some idea of pan-universal Whiteness is a form of alternative globalism.

By creating identities to mislead those edging toward the established nationalists they thereby corrupt and thwart nationalist growth. They then dub conservatives ‘nationalists’ and appropriate the adornments of nationalism. Anyone who is none the wiser is immediately fooled. These agencies exist today, with their own ‘news websites’ which on one hand give a nod-and-a-wink to anti-Semitism, but then distort the logic of their whole enterprise by providing content exclusively related to pan-conservatism. They usually have a much smaller quotient of Australian content and rely more on European and American stories. Yet, as much as a conservative exists on a splinter of its own rationale, being both pro-Israel and seemingly anti-Semitic, for some reason its audience never quite makes a correlation between this disconnect of reason.

It is especially odd when you research and find out that groups which paraded as ‘Nazis’ are linked back to Liberal party operatives who are outspoken Zionists. None of this is a lie it’s the reality that fuelled the confusion which this milieu depended on.

Then, when the alt-right became fashionable and anti-Islam was on the decline in came a new wave of arrogant youth who refused to heed the wisdom of veteran nationalists and were motivated by a desire to indulge their fuhrer fantasies. Their chief method of recruitment was social media. In fact, social media was the founding base of just about all of it. Facebook and Twitter became its primary tools. On Facebook, any joker could create a page, disseminate the right sentiment, and garner a following. Often, the media misrepresented pages as being organisations and fanned paranoia about the growth of ‘hate groups.’ Usually, it was the same people creating pages over and over again.

The scammers did not disappear when anti-Islam went on the wane: they simply invested in the new thing. It is their money which created sites like XYZ, and The Unshackled. Neither of these is nationalist media, they are arch-conservatives. They will never so much as pay lip service to any true nationalist or their cause. Yet, they masquerade as nationalists, and that’s because they lead straight back to the old gang of conservatives.

But Social Media couldn’t last. The supernova created by Christchurch mass-shooter Brenton Tarrant would flip everything on its end. The advent of Fraser Anning had created a new figurehead for phony nationalists as he replaced Pauline Hanson who went so far as to denounce him as a racist. The scammers were onto Anning like fleas onto a puppy. It would not be a great stretch to accuse them of leading Anning to failure and ruin, as the self-declared objective of those fraudsters who burrowed inside his organisation was to acquire his mailing list. This way they could scam each person individually.

However, the mass-shooting, while bad for those slaughtered, was, in a way, good for nationalism. It effectively killed off social media as a recruitment and operations base, immediately making redundant all the pretenders and dupe merchants. The youth societies that spawned from social media and created so much damage for proper nationalism, between the combined events, were wiped out overnight. All this lot understood was Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and without them, they were lost. They had no clue about organising off social media: dyslexia set-in when they tried.

Sadly, another problem with the original anti-Islam ‘heroes’ was that the media had given them an unrealistic sense of their importance. It made of them minor celebrities and they became addicted to their notoriety. Now, instead of existing to combat the rise of Islam, they used Islam to fuel controversy they used for self-promotion. It became like a drug to them. When suddenly the media pulled this status out from underneath them, they became lost and found that they were publicly outcast.

They could not reconcile the chain of events, and, being simple folk, had been led to delusions of grandeur now unrequited.

For the controllers, it was happy days indeed. Scott Morrison went on to win what for Labor was an unlosable election. The satellites which they had already begun dispersing were now deactivated. The mission had been accomplished, to garner preferences, to condition support for conservatism, and to put the Liberals back in power.

This is a potential golden era for nationalism since all the nuisances that had distracted it from pursuing its end are now kaput. Nationalists are well adept at organising outside of social media and so where it’s come as a death blow to all the rest, nationalists can now start getting serious. So, where to from here?

Do you understand nationalism? If you do, if you make an effort to, then that will become patently obvious to you. Start simply with the message. There is no such thing as a keyboard warrior where ideas are concerned since nationalism begins as an idea. If you grasp that, if you can share it, defend it, argue for it and then help to bring it into social realisation then all that time spent NOT marching up and down a street being shouted at by anti-fascists is well spent.

Oh, and keep reading this site. We don’t’ want to give all our tricks away in one article.

Where are they now? Faces that came and went yet always claimed to be committed. Note, too, the hodge podge


  1. ‘Start simply with the message’

    This is great advice. In the distant past, before the internet, young blokes would satisfy their need for adventure and excitement by painting nationalist slogans under railway overpasses at 2:00am. This might sound mundane – until you come within seconds of being run down by the freight train from Albury – but I digress.

    Nationalists looking for a break from the keyboard can still reach loads of non-political civilians using old school methods. Stickering, poster runs, graffiti.. done safely of course, putting flyers under car wipers. If you’re not into joining a party, take the messages from sites like this and make your own flyers or posters.

    Use your imagination. But remember, we need to win hearts and minds. Use humour, not rancour.

    Aussies love to laugh at authority.


  2. Dear Alfred, I would be ever so interested to read an article about how Aussie (Anglo-Celt) nationalists view European immigrants who consider themselves nationalists too, but aren’t certain if they would be welcome into the fold. There’s a barely perceptible undercurrent that I’ve sensed for some years, where Aussies are seemingly accepting of their European immigrant friends, but something has changed in the tone of that acceptance. I think I have figured out some of it, but I’m not certain, so I would be genuinely interested to hear what Aussie nationalists really think & feel about European immigrants. Uncensored. Unmasked. But will you have the courage to write it anyhow?

    Yes, that’s a challenge lol.


    1. Actually, it’s a very good topic, and indeed a necessary one. From our lengthy experience, one thing we’ve realised is just how hard it is to deal with a lot of ‘nationalists’ who come from other parts, like Europe, America, or even New Zealand. The problem is they just don’t regard Australians as anything but generic Europeans and they oppose the idea of an Australian-based nationalism (the only kind here) in favour of the pan-Europeanism fostered by White Nationalists. It is not that we do not accept them as natural partners, but especially in the case of many Europeans, they come from ancient cultures etc which is an identity they’re loath to abandon. They have, in the past, thus, posed problems for Australian Nationalism and attempted to impose ideas that negate the very idea of an Australian ethno-nationalism. They have openly mocked it. We have witnessed leaders of groups hostile to Australian Nationalism and the one thing they most have in common is their founders and leaders are all foreign-born. There is still something of a cultural cringe prevalent, too, and many of those from racialist groups that don’t engage in politics would “fly over to defend Europe tomorrow” but are ignorant about local issues. So, yes, we can take up that challenge because it is an important story. For instance, a leader of the local branch of a big overseas nationalist party once thanked the Aboriginals on Australia Day and identified them as “the real Australians”. He just didn’t get it, despite all the support nationalists had given him and his group. European immigration is totally acceptable, but the question is, are those who are immigrating doing the right thing by their own country?

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