June 21, 2022


If NERO WAS alive today, he’d be having a blast. Not only is the Western World a vast decadent cathouse spreading across oceans and borders, but it is rife with twisted concepts that he would fully appreciate and embrace.

Transgenderism is one thing he’d have no qualms supporting since he practically pioneered it when he had a young man spayed and feminised to resemble the pretty wife who he’d murdered in a fit of hubris. This would make him a poster boy for Cricket Australia, who’ve just taken the very unnecessary and bewildering step of passing a rule that allows these perverted freaks to play at the highest level of the sport. Theoretically, this means a creature resembling Frank-N-Furter from that family toe-tapper The Rocky Horror Picture Show could wear the baggy green alongside Steve Smith!

Instead of donning test whites the hominid aberration could demand upon threat of a human rights complaint to play at the MCG in high heels and women’s lingerie. And who says anything needs to be human, after all, Caligula made his horse a consul. Why can’t the umpire instead be a nice Dee Dee armchair from Fantastic Furniture? The armchair might identify as human, and because it can’t talk, we couldn’t prove it didn’t. Its human rights would have to be taken for granted.

The Don would be turning in his grave, as would Warnie, assuming he was actually dead and not a cuck.

Nero would be up for a spot of a transgender cricket, as he was a sick puppy, and would recognise a world modelled on his zig-zagging brain patterns. Indeed, if you want to get ahead in Nero’s brave new world you better embrace transgenderism or become an outcast! Just take a look at who endorses the bending of gender for the sake of the betterment of humankind: the armed forces, big sport, the corporate world, the police — the whole shebang is behind normalising transgenders. Schools can hardly get enough of them, so much so that they’ve been steadily increasing their ‘education’ around this ‘issue’ to encourage as many converts as possible. There has never been a better time to be confused about your gender.

Mind you, there have been rumblings of discontent among feminists. Some claim to be worried that a man identifying as female but who chooses not to lose his plumbing might be taking advantage of a loophole that allows him to indulge a fetish for piddling in the girls’ loo. But they’re probably just on the rag and suffering PMS, unlike the transgender ladies, who can only playact their periods with feminine pads, ketchup sauce, and sympathy pains.

Yes, for what must represent a percentage of approximately nothing of the population those transgenders are sure well represented. If only we cisgenders who are in higher numbers could achieve such satisfaction in gaining recognition at the highest levels but that’s not how it works nor how Nero would want it.

Nero was a mad bastard, and this world we’re living in is similarly a few sandwiches short of a picnic. The Western brain (excluding all good dissenting folk) has gone soft, and with it so has its moral centre and its heart. The feminising of the armed forces, the de-masculinising of society, the fostering of delusional fantasies about gender and identity are not exactly making it any stronger. It was around this time during Nero’s tenure that he took out a fiddle, and as apocryphal history would have it, played while Rome burned. Well, that never happened, but if he was alive today, it might well.

We are being compelled under threat of law to agree — and better yet believe — that one and one equals three. To insist that we recognise a man as a woman and vice versa to repudiate the very rules of nature to the extent one Greens MP would have us believe that men can have a uterus too. This is a sick regression. It’s just a wonder that the globalist progressives hate the Christian religion so much. They cannot believe in a holy ghost but would burn a person at the stake if they refused to accept that someone can wake up one day and call himself a unicorn and the next a lumberjack.

But ‘the sickness’ is a win for big chem too because it manufactures drugs for those who wish to cross the gender Rubicon and ‘transition’ into another sex. This may prove to be a dangerous decision in the long run.

Former Sydney antifascist and anarchist Evie Amati was brought up in West Australia among what media described as “West Australia union royalty”

Before she was Evie, ‘he’ was Karl Amati. Karl topped his state in English literature, ancient history and political science. By all accounts, he was a high-achieving nerd. It (we refuse to call it he or she) worked for the Community & Public Sector Union for seven years and was considered by some colleagues to be lazy. After it underwent its ‘gender reassignment’ in Thailand in 2015, it became entitled to two long breaks each day so that it could go home and do whatever it is that these unpleasant post-snip skin-jobs do (smoke bulk marijuana no doubt).

News.com reported that at work it was “known for her sense of entitlement, lack of sympathy with those who didn’t share her outlook and frequent sick days.” They just described the entire virtue-signalling milieu. Yet, that’s the point isn’t it; champions of social justice are usually compensating for their own boiling intolerance.

Amati spiralled deeper into a vortex of its own self-importance. It had already transformed from a bookish geek into a quasi-punk rocker playing the drums for a crap Newtown band called Everything I Own Is Broken. It modelled its sick self on another transgender mutant Laura Jane Grace, whom it idolised. It attended anarchist meetings and hung out with woke soldiers of Antifascist Action Sydney to bandy its universal camouflage.

The CSPU had supported Amati unconditionally as if he was undergoing a holy transformation. When he came out the other end he would embody virtues that none of the others in their ordinary God-given bodies could hope to. It proved this by dropping MDMA one night when it was liquored up and, feeling rejected by a woman (yes, it was still attracted to women) it grabbed an axe it had bought (proving its premeditation of attempted murder) walked into an Enmore 7eleven and attacked two customers inside, and a homeless man who it encountered outside the store. When the cops arrested Amati it basically put on an act. All claims that medication had affected its thinking were fibs. Amati knew what it was doing. It had boasted prior to the attacks of wanting to kill people and go out in a violent blaze but since these are such typical Social Justice Warrior sentiments, nobody noticed. Now, if it had begun complaining about Muslim immigration that might have been a different story.

Let’s face it, with all these powerful sectors forcing normal people under threat of being denied accounts by banks, by being shunned by employers, and shunted onto the streets, to truly believe a man can also be a woman, or a rocking horse, depending on how he feels, the world has become Evie Amati. Amati is just the manifestation of all the insanity that the West has generated.

If the world is Evie Amati then it is undoubtedly sick, but not in a helpless way; it chooses to be sick because all of it is an indulgence. So long as Amati moved among its own kind, and sent out the right signals, then it was able to cosset itself in all manner of hypocrisy and contradiction.

Yes, the world is a very sick place in which it’s dangerous to be normal. But if Amati is the West, and the West is gradually pushing back against ‘the sickness’, what’s in store for us? One can use Amati as a guide for this too and risk becoming optimistic.

Amati was sentenced to nine years imprisonment with a non-parole period of only four-and-a-half years, a sentence so manifestly inadequate that it’s the subject of Crown action in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal. Amati was never sent to men’s prison but instead to the all-female Mary Wade Women’s Correctional Centre in Lidcombe.

So unhappy were the ladies at Mary Wade’s that Amati found herself in a fight with a female inmate who told it that “he” should be in a men’s prison.

And hilariously, another reason was that Amati was “transitioning” back to being a male now that its infatuation with transgender rock star Laura Jane Grace is over. Where it goes to from here is anyone’s guess since it doesn’t necessarily have to be female to say it’s female. If they sent it to a male prison, it might decide that it just wants to be a little feminine when MAFS is on.

A man called Evie who right now is the physical embodiment of Western civilisation

Steve Smith after a makeover and transition which will be mandatory soon for cisgender players who want to remain with Cricket Australia

Frank-N-Furter was a “sweet transvestite” who swung an axe in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Evie Amati swung an axe too. There is definitely something in that


  1. So true, Vladimir please help us, conquer us, better you than what we are becoming. Show us how bad people should be treated in prison and the comfort they really disirve. Stéphan from Paris

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