Nostalgia is a funny thing, especially when it comes to music, take the debut album, Dogrel from Dubliners Fontaines D.C.

As someone whose teenage years were almost wholly culturally enriched by New Wave and Post-Punk albums, Dogrel takes me back into my 15-year-old self, sitting in my room with headphones on listening to cassettes on my boom box.

This is as good an example of 1980’s music as has ever been produced, albeit about 35 years too late. In my opinion, Fontaines D.C are as good songwriters as Adrian Borland or Justin Sullivan. Lead singer Grian Chatten has the all the dark charisma and moody stage presence of Ian Curtis or Peter Murphy.

It is also beaut to hear artists singing in their native accent. Chatten’s voice is one of the most distinctive to come out of Ireland since Shane McGowan of The Pogues; more singers should relax and drop the mid-Atlantic purr or faux-American twang which is the standard these days.

I should stop drooling into my cocoa, like an old geezer, and get to the meat of the review: Dogrel has a track list which should, in a sane world, produce some massive hits for the band.

I absolutely love the jangle and stomp of Liberty Belle, the misty, Cure-like The Lotts and the frenetic Hurricane Laughter which somehow reminds me of The Fall.

It is impossible to get sick of Joy Division or New Model Army, but if you are a fan of those bands then Fontaines D.C. might make a nice change of pace if you are feeling a bit jaded.

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