By now, there ought to be a realisation among Nationalistic people, that the Internet and in particular social media are very much a hindrance, rather than an aid in pursuing the cause of the national revolution.

Time after time we are presented with the stories of people who have lost their way and become obsessed with the fantasy world of 8chan Facebook, Twitter, Gab and the myriad other portals through which people shout into the abyss of cyberspace; many of these individuals suffer full-blown mental breakdowns as a result of their journeys beyond the looking glass.

Cybernauts are consistently fed false information and distortions of fact when it comes to matters of authentic political dissent against the Globalist-Capitalist system.

True Nationalists have painstakingly examined the near-zero potential of terrorism and political violence as means of effecting lasting societal change; in addition to that we have been relentless in our criticism of the globalist leaning Alt-Right posers who have hijacked the Nationalist narrative and attempted to replace political principles with juvenile cyber-gibberish.

As sincere radicals we long ago came to the conclusion that social media is a cancer, that its potential to draw citizens together into a common cause for a better world was a mirage, a con-job by the owners of the sites which sucked billions across the world into submitting to a Globalist-Capitalist data mining and surveillance programme.

That is not to say, of course, that we wish to denigrate hardworking Nationalist writers, it is important to create for posterity a permanent record of our theories and the overall tone of early 21st century Nationalism; the problem is that to the time-poor worker, sorting the gold from the dross is nigh on an impossible task in the face of so much white noise coming from the social media zoo.

The problem is that the real world does not work in the same way as the cyber-playpens; pretty much every time the psychodrama of meme-rich social media groups is transposed onto the streets it has ended in ignominious failure, recriminations and bitter divides among participants, this is as true of the so-called “Far Right” as it is of Antifa and their ilk.

The really sad part of this is the potential for the disillusioned Cybernaut to spiral into an episode of mental decompensation when he is faced with this clash of values; when his hopes of concrete action, camaraderie and a lasting commitment to a great cause are dashed before his eyes the temptation to go it alone and create a spectacle can become overwhelming.

Shooting up a house of worship, assassinating a minor politician or driving a van into a crowd of civilians will not make a martyr of the assailant, his reams of blog posts and social media interactions will be immediately expunged from the internet and in a few months, after he is tried and convicted, nobody but those with an academic interest in the case will remember his name.

Innocence, perseverance in the face of impossible odds, showing grace under fire and, above all survival to the very last, no matter what occurs, are the qualities of a martyr; such people are outwardly unaffected by frustration or despair and they are hailed for their self-sacrifice and their considered approach to their situation.

Think about this for a moment: Who can name, off the top of their head, one rank and file member of the SS Einsatzgruppen, or a police officer, who roamed Eastern Europe doing the dirty work of eliminating Jews, Communists and Partisans from the occupied zones?

We are talking here of the people who heard the screams and got blood spattered on their boots; so who can name one Khmer Rouge cadre? One Hutu militiaman from Rwanda in 1994? One Phalangist gunman from the Sabra and Shatila atrocity in 1982?

In truth, as horrible as it sounds, those killers were actually making their mark on the world, following orders as part of great machine with clear orders, the camaraderie of brothers and a sense of purpose, yet they are forgotten by the world and only the names of their ideologues and leaders are barely remembered by ordinary workers, even if it is often for the wrong reasons.

Getting all worked up over social media memes, “truths” which are usually anything but and expecting communion, or even ovations from your online peers when you finally flip out and do something spectacularly stupid is a sad way to live.

True radicals have their eyes on the horizon awaiting the new dawn, they move toward the light on the hill, so to speak; they see the good in the world and recoil from negativity and the dark side of life; they elevate beauty, vitality, art and love over depression, paranoia and insanity.

If you see no hope of salvation, if the world seems to be spinning out of control and if your online fantasy world fails to reach its potential as a vehicle to sweep the globalists and their cronies from power then you can either step away from the keyboard, seek treatment for your mental problems and find something else to occupy your evenings, or you can implode and take the coward’s way out.

So put up or shut up, if the world is as fucked as you think it is and throwing away your life on a spectacular action seems the only option, instead of taking out your frustrations on others, why not write your great manifesto and last testament, lay down on your flag and put the gun to your temple?

Assuming that your writing was any good if you were possessed of great insight and could conceivably have made a wider contribution to “the cause” your death will be mourned as a tragedy and your name will live forever.

If, on the other hand, you really were just a sad, internet addled loser parroting half-truths and engaging in social media group hysteria, so be it: to dust you will return in your forgotten and untended grave.

Remember, if Jihadis haven’t succeeded in bringing down the globalist edifice, White Jihadis stand even less of a chance. All you’re doing is shooting the symptom and arming the problem.

Brenton Tarrant has triggered a craze among young introverted alt-right males which is suicidal and achieves nothing


  1. Duncan, could your next post cover a range of suggestions for what a person could do to advance the cause we share?
    Not all of us are male, not all are physically in our prime, not all are up to writing manifestos.
    We don’t want to be seduced by American or European memes and perspectives. We don’t want to entrapped by ASIO honeypots.
    We are potential rank and file. We want to make a genuinely useful contribution, not sit on the sidelines.

    1. Duncan’s not about at the moment, but we passed on your comment. For my part, I’d say, knowing what isn’t nationalism is one of the key steps on the way to being a successful nationalist. An article we will soon publish will reveal the realities of what being nationalist entails. It’s a very fine piece, and it’s by Duncan, too, as it turns out. W e are not here to be leaders, and we don’t accept the idea of investing hope in leaders because that leader will eventually fall. It’s important that every nationalist knows what is and what isn’t nationalism because so many out there — particularly in the conservative camp — are out to misdirect. Never mind being ‘not male’, never mind not being in your prime, and never mind if you’re not Tolstoy. You don’t have to be: you just have to get it. The moment you understand what is, to be truthful, a fairly straightforward area of ideas and beliefs then you’ll be empowered. By then whenever you can produce a credible refute to a bogus argument, or make a nationalist statement with a conviction that is informed and confident, you’re already ‘doing’ nationalism. We do not believe in condemning people as “keyboard warriors” because nationalism is an idea and ideas are expressed through the medium of communication devices. Writing on paper and sticking that message up on a wall is communication and that, of itself, is an act of nationalism.

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