Canberra got what it deserved on Monday when 200 whiffy non-Whites who arrived in Australia by boat held a protest to complain. Erm, about stuff.

And when you’re illegal you have heaps of stuff to complain about. For instance, one of those aggrieved boat people was Iraqi Council Australia president Samir Kafaji. Since arriving here illegally he has at least managed to give himself an impressive title. “People cannot find secure work to feed themselves and their families,” he crabbed.

Of course, this is true for Australians, who find it hard to feed themselves and their families because of illegal boat people like Samir coming here and gridlocking the jobs market with the glut of labour they bring.

But Samir is an angry Arab and we all know how dangerous Arabs can be when they’re angry. The best way to keep them happy is to give them everything that they want which has, in actuality, been a tacit government policy all along.

Yet, just giving him everything he wants wouldn’t wash with Samir. He can’t be fooled by toadlike capitulation, especially when he hasn’t finished complaining. Samir went on and on about how racist the government was using words that vilify his people in the media. If he could, he would be treated like a king in this country, and not like something that just drifted in on a leaky boat.

Others want fast-tracked visas.

Playing for sympathy, an Arab woman clutching a photo of one of her ugly dead children told a reporter all about her epic plight since abandoning Iraq and sailing to Indonesia with her husband and five kids.

Nawahedh Albaheli heard wonderful things about the lucky country, how there are more Arabs here than White people, and once you arrive you get free money and healthcare. She had wanted to bring 600 more of her relatives but was stymied by a white supremacist government that wants her to personally suffer for not being born Australian.

In 2011, her boat was intercepted and she spent three months in a Darwin detention centre before being released under a community order. For her, those three months were the equivalent to 1000 years in the infamous Pentridge Prison. She was even perilously close to losing her sense of entitlement but got it back when she realised that she was unable to work or attend school.

A whole lot of other brown people had major complaints and the wonderful thing is that nobody in Canberra was listening. That’s Canberra protests to a tee — you may as well be standing on Fraser Island whingeing to dingoes for all that anybody with any sort of influence listens to what you have to say.

In this case, nobody cares. The sooner they realise this and fuck off back to their bomb-strewn desert the better for everybody concerned.

When they go, they can take those deaf Canberra politicians with them, since they’re responsible for them being here in the first place.

A picture tells a thousand words, but we can't understand a single one of them


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