A non-government body linked to the law fraternity is running an ad campaign encouraging complaints against ads that are too white or which stereotype women.

Ad Standards LTD is the company behind an ad campaign highlighting what it does with a media offensive that of itself provides grounds for complaint.

By employing advertising stereotypes about white privilege, or how the media portrays women, it is pigeonholing the media by attributing to it biases that it clearly doesn’t possess. Because here we were about to point out how the ad industry is out of control promoting race mixing and an agenda of non-white propagation.

Take for instance Medibank’s latest commercial which according to The Daily Mail is being criticised for ‘mum shaming’. Yes, mum shaming, it’s apparently more dangerous to society than the flesh-eating drug Krokodil. Well, we’re not sure where these criticisms are coming from (knowing the Daily Mail most likely from a Facebook group one of their hack writers belongs to) but in the ad a mum returns home late from work. The woman then entertains a spray of self-important verbiage from her daughter.

Without recounting the entire ad, basically, the husband who is portrayed as a stay-at-home dad and not the breadwinner, is a Once Were Warriors Maori or something. The daughter is a frizzy-haired biracial. Therefore, the mother shouldn’t be shamed for ignoring her family in the midst of supporting them, but for being a race-mixing slut. The company that made it should be held accountable for presenting this mongrel household as if it represents the typical Australian family. And Ad Standards need to account for how come the people who make their ads apparently never actually look at any.

Indeed, anyone with any wit will use Ad Standards to complain about its very own campaign. It will take a bit of work, and you can’t just send an email, you have to provide ID etc. But for anyone with an attention span longer than eight seconds and a set of balls bigger than a pair of sparrow’s eggs you’ll have no bother.

You can find these plumbers at

The quintessential Aussie family according to Medibank.


  1. Every ad I see they are plugging the Jew agenda of miscegenation. If I see one of these billboards I am going SS on it with an arsenal of spray cans.

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