July 26, 2019


Millennials have officially become a worse generation than the Baby Boomers. Up until the millennials came of age baby boomers were widely considered destroyers of western civilisation with their self-infatuation and hippy-crap.

Yet, when it comes to narcissism and virtue signalling, the millennials are leaving their grandparents for dead.

Never has a more sooky and piss-weak generation arisen out of the human crop than the millennials. With their ‘safe spaces’, ‘post-teenage depression’ and total inability to come to grips with adulthood or maturity, the millennials are on track to set back western civilisation by about another 90 years.

The Boomers are regarded as being accountable for the social changes that were brought about by the revolutionary 1960s such as feminism and every other ‘ism’ that has shoved White people into a diminishing minority. But it’s the millennials who’ve embraced hyper identity politics and ‘isms’ with a fervour that has outstripped the older generation and left Generation X wishing they’d started World War 3.

A Generation Xer told NAB, “The biggest mistake I ever made was getting old. Now these pussies from Generation Y have come along, and my generation never even got a decent break. We were crushed between the Boomers and this lot.”

Asked if he would genocide the millennials, he replied, “Yes, I think I would gladly genocide Generation Y. I would probably use some sort of flesh-eating virus. The best I can hope for is that there is a war with China soon so most of them can be pushed into the front lines and die and of nuclear radiation. The rest will pass from anxiety, having to give up their Xboxes, and maybe we can have a little comfort in our retirement.”

Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Phillip Lowe (a boomer) this week told a fundraiser for teenage depression and youth suicide that the Millennials never had it so good. According to him, the misery index, an economic measure of unemployment and inflation, is as low as the 1960s.

Given that he was there to fundraise for economic-related youth issues, the organisers must’ve been wondering who chose him as a speaker, with his hunky-dory message of economic complacency.

Yet, whether or not he has a point the fact remains that the millennials were totally brainwashed and inculcated with every sodden regressively cultural Marxist concept by left-wing teachers and a communist education system. As a result, millennials will remain children well into their 40s, if any of them make it that far.

Distracted by technology which to them is like a life-controlling toy, and emotionally tied to social media and the impression they make upon it, the vain millennials have never made a friend of reality. If the computers turned off tomorrow none of them would know how to open a can of peaches. Having learned to walk while staring at a mobile screen, most of them would stumble around unable to orientate themselves if those phones were suddenly wrenched out of their hands.

Millennials are a generation that has embraced not just drugs but the worst kind, synthetic drugs. As a result more of their brains are chemically fried and they can pass on the brain damage just by smiling at one another. 

Generation Y is the first generation to have contributed absolutely nothing to popular music, literature, film or anything since all they can do is play video games, take selfies, and attend left-wing demonstrations. This is when they’re not gyrating to computer generated noises high on multiple capsules of MDMA and other derivatives while at dance festivals dressed like they just stepped out of a San Francisco bondage dungeon.

The possibility of war with China remains high offering the beaut possibility most of them will be killed off allowing our race and western society to take a quiet breather.


  1. I’m Gen X and I’m constantly trying to find a way of starting a war between my Boomer parents & Millennial son so they can take each other out of the gene pool, and leave me the hell alone.

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