July 23, 2019


Somebody forgot to tell Sri Lanka that Labor didn’t win the federal election. Another boat carrying 20 would-be border-crashers has been turned back after it was discovered mooching along the Indian Ocean. This is the third vessel that’s attempted to make it to our shores since Labor tanked at the booths taking the number of fake refugees who never made it to 80.

Australian Border Force justified whatever their budget is by making the seizure, and probably arranging for its arrival too, although that’s just a conspiracy theory.

The seized vessel was escorted to Christmas Island and the failed border hoppers placed on a Colombo-bound flight paid for by the Australian taxpayer. In effect, it was probably the most exhausting way these sub-continentals have ever gone from Point A back to Point A while coming within a fish’s dick of Point B. Yet, it sustains a pattern of non-achievement that typifies not only the Sri Lankan nation but its people as a whole. We cannot think of a single thing that Sri Lanka has given the world except for even more brown people. And obviously, God never intended for them to be seafarers.

This is a relief from the bad old days of the Rudd government when something like a trillion boats made it to our shores packed full of needy non-achieving races. However, don’t think for a minute this is an endorsement of the Morrison government because, for all those boats that never made it, there are planeloads that did.

This false sense of guardianship over the Australian borders and therefore all they enshrine must be disabused. Stories like this only play to the advantage of the government which is why we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they supplied the vessel, to begin with.

As much as we need Border Force protection, an internal border force which we would like to think would be along the lines of a Department of Deportation is an equal requirement. Every visa-overstayer, every fake student, in fact, everyone who doesn’t have family roots going back before 1912 will have to show cause. That doesn’t mean show cause as to why they should stay, but show cause as to why they deserve an actual boat when being returned to their country of origin.

Although we give the impression we’re heartless, this is not the case. Charity begins at home and cost consideration – not to mention environmental concerns – would force our hand. This is why we’d charitably supply swimming coaches for all returnees. After all, it’s no small distance between some of these destinations. But it’s a fact that those returning to Pacific Islands would have an easier time than, say, those being repatriated to the Middle East.

But this is the thing, Australia is a generous nation so we would totally waive the fee for the swimming coaches. Ah, if only. But seriously…

Last month, a massive opportunity was missed when 40 Sri Lankans were rescued in the Indian Ocean by border force assisting the Sri Lankan Navy. If for some ungodly reason, they had checked the stores and noticed they had forgotten to pack the lifebuoys, the psychological effect would have been huge. Those considering paying for the services of people smugglers might well have reconsidered.

The crap Sri Lankan boat in question

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