Nationalists have long insisted that the actions of Antifa and their fellow travellers are not representative of a broader movement informed by Left political theory, on the contrary, we view their latest re-invention of the tendency as an assemblage of para-state actors attempting to enforce the ever-evolving set of social norms laid down by the silicon valley capitalists.

In an article for the ABC entitled “The alt-right has been under the media spotlight-but should we be concerned about the alt-left?” writer Tasha Wibawa examined the issues around the sensationalised frictions between so-called far-right and far-left groups in America.

Quite why “we” should be worried about the trivial pursuits of opposing groups of foreigners is not explained. However, we assume that keeping alive the memory of failed social movements has some bearing on the post-Christchurch narrative.

What must be understood is that the street violence is not a chicken-and-egg situation, the alt-right became violent in response to physical attacks by Antifa, which was as true in Melbourne as it was in Seattle or Toronto.

Civic patriot movements such as Reclaim Australia and its analogues overseas were started by harmless, usually older citizens. They were mortified when their rallies were besieged by counter-demonstrators and attendees assaulted and degraded. The naïve patriots did not see the trouble coming and quickly fell into the trap of allowing lumpenproletariat louts into their ranks who responded in kind to Antifa violence.

The escalation in violence saw both sides shrink from formations of some hundreds to an equilibrium of less than 100 aside; as the mainstream political actors, the ordinary folk and the sincere activists retreated from the scene in disgust at the hot-headed elements the confrontations became nothing but primitive, tribal set-pieces reminiscent of a scene from the ceremonial “big fights” on the New Guinea highlands.

The only areas in which Antifa and the alt-right have still kept rattling along into 2019 are those in which civic and law enforcement bodies tolerate their antics. Portland in the U.S state of Oregon, for example, is the place where most of the news on this topic has come from in recent years.

Portland, however, is practically a unique case due to its weird system of local government in which the mayor is also the police commissioner. The conflicts of interest inherent in this arrangement should be obvious to all but it is no surprise that the current city administration is supportive of Antifa and has hamstrung its police force when it comes to preventing social disorder.

If you look at other cities where the authorities are indifferent to freedom of assembly or intolerant of the disturbances around protest rallies Antifa are almost non-existent; Melbourne has enacted anti-mask laws and control-zones at public events and effectively put Antifa out of business without firing a shot. Oslo police in Norway have a permit system for rallies and rigorously suppressed violent protests as far back as the 1990s.

Tasha Wibawa does quote several academics as saying that Antifa is not indicative of a Hard-Left political resurgence and that the term alt-left is not used to describe them. Nationalists would agree on those points since the whole Antifascist milieu has been revealed as an authoritarian cult riddled with bourgeois adventurers, delusional vigilantes, and police informants.

The true left has voted with their feet in regards to Antifa, as have the Nationalists to the alt-right. If we had to correct Tasha’s perception of an alt-left we would simply put forward the idea that there is still a real Left out there promoting traditional Leftist positions without the authoritarianism and intersectional nonsense and that Antifa is about as far from that mode of thinking as any dotty neo-Nazi.

If we must look at overseas figures in the context of this article then there are two “real” Left figures who come immediately to mind; vlogger and journalist Tim Pool and comedian Jimmy Dore; the two gentlemen tick all the boxes for sane, progressive activism, they also, to their credit, oppose warmongering, intersectional feminist madness and authoritarianism.

Nationalists and this real Left, although coming from markedly different positions, are the only real dissenting voices on the political scene in 2019, and on some issues we even agree; the point is that real people interested in real politics have no use for the extremist dingbats, internet trolls out-a-walking, bourgeois finger-waggers and outright state-assets who make up the “alt-o-sphere”.

2 thoughts on “ANTIFA ARE NOT THE LEFT

  1. An excellent analysis. Antifa and the bourgeois liberal left are spawn of the same globalist, capitalist system that produced neo-cons like John Howard, Margaret Thatcher and the Bush dynasty.
    While their attitudes to social issues such as religion might seem different, they both agree on the atomised, competitive individualism that underpins modern capitalist societies, including Australia.

    The old left used to say that capitalism uses racism to divide the working classes and hold back organised labour. The truth is now that mass immigration, multiculturalism and the never ending assault on white working class Australian culture drives workers away from true socialism – and into the arms of the Liberal Party and it’s slightly more radical offshoots.

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