John Jarratt, the 66-year-old Australian actor best known for Wolf Creek and Picnic at Hanging Rock, was last week found unanimously not guilty of rape.

The alleged rape was supposed to have occurred in the pre-Jurassic era when the actor and his wife lived in a share-house situation in Sydney during 1976. Thanks to the pro-feminist agenda #MeToo movement, a crazy bitch who Jarratt had extramarital sex with all those years ago was inspired to exploit his reputation for a victim fix.

Our British-style adversarial court system was more than obliging to this travesty of a legal process, and the harlot’s name has been suppressed, so she got to enjoy anonymity while he suffered. And once again the suffering taxpayer picked up the bill for an identity-politics driven vendetta, which should never have been fed oxygen.

The #MeToo movement seldom goes after nobodies. A prerequisite for exalted victim status and inclusion in the #MeToo tag is that a woman fabricates or exaggerates a story about a famous man misusing her. It’s the contemporary equivalent of a witch hunt, inquisition, or McCarthy trial; whichever best suits your terms of reference.

Jarratt joins another Australian cinema icon, Geoffrey Rush, in victimisation by this malicious movement. Their assault by the #MeToo mafia proves that success is no shield for any man in this era of identity-politics-driven spite based on gender; in fact, it’s a magnet for female hostility. You can’t tell us that nowhere in the egregious entertainment industry a powerful dyke hasn’t molested, or attempted to coerce a starlet, but you won’t hear about that.

The base narrative is ‘men = bad/female = good’, which in this rotting civilisation of ours is quite a howler, given how pathetically flawed is womankind. However, thankfully, even under the British legal system it was our folly to adopt justice prevailed, and now he is going after the media villains who perpetrated the calumny for reasons of profit.

Yet, while all this was going on, the “right-wing” voices were all rallying around an Islander who’s worth millions. His brand of Christianity is the worst going, an evangelical model that is so weird other Christians move away from them. His is also besotted with Zionism, the scourge of the western gentile.

We have never put much stock in “right-wing”, only nationalist. So, it doesn’t surprise us since they’re just opportunists and they undermine our core message by aligning with non-whites as it suits them. We aren’t particularly interested in Christianity, either, although if a nationalist puts his nationalism first and keeps his religion quiet, we have no interest in criticising his faith but it seldom works like that.

The fact that Jarratt, a White Australian, was left to be attacked by the she-wolves and inquisitors of right-think based on an equation that anything with a vagina is a possessor of saintly virtues and a black supporter of miscegenation was made a martyr for a libertarian cause only makes us more cynical.

The #MeToo movement is a committee of the same commission operating as a politburo of western thought and Jarratt is a real victim and hero. He didn’t run a crowdfunding campaign either.

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