July 12, 2019


You beauty, I have my calloused old mitts on the debut album from Melbourne rockers Amyl And The Sniffers and it is eleven tracks of face-smashing, eardrum rupturing Pub Punk fury.

Reading the YouTube comments on their videos it is apparent that people don’t get the band; posters, probably foreigners, are jumping to conclusions about Amyl’s influences and their historical context and comparing them to, of all bands, The Plasmatics.

Lead singer Amy Taylor is a wild woman on stage but she is no Wendy O Williams, for one thing, Amy’s act is overtly cute and sexy, Wendy’s was just flat out aggression and transgressive posturing; Wendy O Williams was also a very serious person in interview, Amy, bless her heart, isn’t.

Nope, Amyl and the sniffers are pure Aussie front bar fare and Amy’s stage persona comes across as something like the bratty, deranged granddaughter of Angry Anderson and Little Pattie, cute as a button but with lasting notes of bourbon and cigarettes.

Given that I haven’t been able to stop listening to the album over the past few days I can say with authority that Amyl And The Sniffers have what we Aussies call “grunt”, it is their authentic sounds of the broke, out of control, in love, slightly pissed youth which has taken them as far abroad as Glastonbury and SXSW.

Standout tracks for me are the singles Got You and Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)  with Shake Ya and Control also on high rotation in the playlist.

Listen to Amyl And The Sniffers eponymously-titled LP and soak it all up like a fine gravy on a counter meal T-bone, that way you’ll at least know all the words to sing along if you happen to catch them live.

3 thoughts on “AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS

  1. Ranging over territory covering W.O.W to Angry Anderson – this is pretty eclectic stuff. I’ll make it a job to check out the Sniffers.
    Meanwhile, what about some reviews of the Cosmic Psychos? Also, relatively hard to find but excellent nonetheless – the Australian proto-punk band, Local Product.

    1. G’day Cosme, I’ll probably do a retro review of Go The Hack by the Cosmic Psychos, I’m not a huge fan of their newer stuff, I think the new lineup has rolled off the edge into self parody.

      1. Agree. Go the Hack and the earlier self-titled album were highlights. The single release of Lead me Astray, which featured a humorous picture of Dr Knight on the cover sleeve, was also a high point for the band.

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