July 9, 2019


Malaysians are targeting Australians in a greedy rush for economic refuge, according to a senior Malaysian minister.

Gate-crashing Australia is a favoured objective for Malaysians since the process is cheap and few penalties exist if their applications are knocked back. This is why they are flocking here like Swallows migrating in a brown gulp to our shores.

Malaysians are the highest represented ethnicity in the category of visa over-stayers and the second highest for bogus protection visa claims, The Australian reports. Malaysia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya told Parliament last week, “They cited various reasons in their applications, including family stress, racial and religious discrimination and domestic abuse.”

Malaysians have little to deter them from playing Refugee Lotto. A protection visa costs only around (AUS) $35 to apply for and they’re entitled to work while their bogus application is considered. If they are rejected, no worries, the Australian government picks up the tab for their return flight, which means, the Aussie taxpayer suffers.

The minister admitted, “The action of Malaysians in applying for protection visas on the pretext that their lives are in danger if they continue to stay in Malaysia is an excuse to stay longer in the country. It’s hard for us to control the situation because many of them travel to Australia as tourists and later dispose of their passports before claiming to be refugees.”

The number of fake applications for protection visas among Malaysians doubled between 2014 and 2017, resulting in 26,247 applications in the financial year 2016-17. This cost the Aussie taxpayer $46 million while Malaysians ran around doing crimes. Take for instance the case of a Malaysian mother and husband who abandoned their kids in Malaysia to come here and gyp Aussies out of a job. Soon, after earning $120 per day as Uber Eats deliverers, they were crying poor and this was the excuse they gave when the wife, Siti Nurhidayah Kamal, 24, blackmailed the parents of a dead baby girl.

Yes, the AUSTRALIAN PARENTS whose baby daughter had since died were blackmailed by this Asian parasite who had come into possession of Jay and Dee Windross’s Galaxy Samsung S8 phone. Stored on that phone were precious pictures of their late daughter, Amiyah, the emotional of which were beyond the value of money.

After running a social media campaign to recover their phone, which was stolen from a toilet at a Chadstone shopping centre in Victoria in April, Kamal used WhatsApp to contact the couple. Thereafter, demands were made of the couple for $1000 if they wished their phone returned at the very time the couple were spending their last moments with their dying child.

Dismissing the Kamals’ cries of poverty, since “they earn more than we do” Ms Windross said of their crime: “It’s despicable, it’s disgusting. Why would anyone do that, and she knew the position we were in. You could tell by the messages.’

“She needs to get everything that (the court) are capable of giving to her. She has children, she has two children that are still alive — I don’t have my baby anymore. I can’t take any more photos of my baby.”

Kamal yesterday pleaded guilty to blackmail in Melbourne Magistrate’s Court.

Meanwhile, Malaysian man Nazuan Apis describing how the scam worked. He arrived in Australia in 2016 on a three-month tourist visa and was engaged in seasonal farm work in Robinvale, in north-west Victoria when he was approached by a Malaysian scamming agent. He was offered a protection visa for $100, a proposal which he leapt at. Apis, along with 15 other invaders partook of this crook’s offer and Apis spent a year working in Australia. He eventually decided to head back to Malaysia while the thousands of others treating our country like it’s their communal trough and lavatory have stuck around to alter the fabric of our society irreversibly.

Until Australia falls under Nationalist control the ‘humanitarian obligations’ of the grovelling globalist mainstream parties will continue to leave us open to exploitation by lizard-brain Asians.

Only we will shut the door and take the whole problem away. Once we close the door, it will never again open.

Siti Kamal who targeted the parents knowing they were grieving and wanted the pictures on the phone. This is Malaysia's gift to Australia.
Jay and Dee Windross.

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