July 9, 2019


The Australian Census will no longer be asking Australians if they are male or female. The questions are now being ditched by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which really says something.

The ABS would normally boast being the most dryly fact-oriented department in government, so for it to be kowtowing to extreme crossdressers and medical fetishists means we really do need a civil war as quickly as possible.

The fact that we have allowed government and its corporate controllers, now the sentries of our civic morals, to tell us that a man wearing a dress is a girl means this insanity has already gone too far. If they can force Australians to concede such perversions of truth as that under threat of being ‘un-personed’ it’s only a matter of time until they hold up their hand and demand we recognise four fingers as five. From now on, the sky is not blue, it’s marmalade-coloured; the sea is not green, it’s turquoise; the grass isn’t green, it’s pastel-yellow.

“When it comes to Census data, the gender option in the 2016 Census was a ‘point in time’ with no option for a respondent to say whether they previously identified as a different gender,” an ABS spokesthing said.

There are also a heap of other virtue signalling issues that will be the basis of fundamental changes to the Census, and these include ADF history, sexual orientation, Aboriginal identity and whether or not you believe Bambi is real.

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