July 5, 2019


Last night The Australia First Party website broke the sensational news about the true identity of the former secretary of the Melbourne Anarchist Club.

Last month, we reported about the bickering between two factions of the Melbourne anarchists over control of the Melbourne Anarchist Clubhouse, which is up for sale with a price tag of $750,000.

If the spat over control of that prized nugget of capital wasn’t enough to tear apart the incorruptible bonds of the agroterrorists then pending revelations about the Anarchist connections to VicPol and the deep state will be — and it is not the relationship of some random blow-in but those who have for years sat in key positions of influence.

Indeed, it is unthinkable for so-called anarchists to accept that their entire base has all along been a tool of the very state that they fancy they are out to tear down. However, revelations of the rich dobbing culture of Australian Anarchists which will be forthcoming, will prove just that.

Do these ties amount to the Melbourne anarchist being a police informant, and the possibility that Slackbastard, the anarchist Wizard of Oz who uses the nom-de-plume Andy Fleming (after Chummy Fleming) is also a major informant?

We will certainly be turning up some astonishing disclosures as they become unavailable (sic), so let this serve as a teaser. We recommend that you read the Australia First Party website also for updates. And punch an Anarchist for being a dobber!


  1. No surprises here, really. The globalist, liberal left is as much wedded to the judeo-capitalist juggernaut as the neo-con right.
    The idea that these flip sides of the same coin represent political ‘choice’ is naive.
    In Australia today there is no real choice in mainstream politics. Our media maintains the illusion of democracy – but it’s a chimera.
    Antifa are a controlled opposition. A fake alternative.

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