Chinese scammers are dressing up as fake beggars and grifting street corners in gangs while sending thousands back to China.

A syndicate operating out of China has been busted in a joint sting operation between Melbourne Police and City of Melbourne council. Fitting out in beggars’ garb and panhandling passers-by, the Chinese nationals have been bilking bulk coin from well-meaning but stupid Aussies who haven’t learned the golden rule that charity begins at home. An investigation revealed the gangs are organised by a Chinese syndicate which arranges passports and tourist visas then coaches the cunning celestials in the sheng fui of scamming Aussies out of their hard-earned.

The money fleeced is sent back to the syndicate which is probably controlled by the People’s Liberation Army.

The ‘fake beggars’ have typically been in the country little more than a couple of weeks but all have accommodation and none are sleeping rough. They were first revealed after a video entitled “Organised Asian syndicate of fake beggars” hit social media and was shared around. Following the video, a number of arrests were made and seven Sinese charged with beg alms and possession of property being suspected of being the proceeds of crime. The arrests came as part of Operation Aquirm, which is a dumb name for a sting that should have been better-called something like Operation Fortune Noodle, or better yet, Operation Lambing Flat.

Acting Inspector Giovanni Travaglini, who is just acting and not a real cop, told The Australian, “They’re not vulnerable people, they have got access to housing and they’re just taking advantage and deceiving the good people of Melbourne.”

He said that the “professional beggars” had been busted with receipts which show the money had been changed into Chinese currency. They are now in the care of the Feds and Australian Border Force who, if they had any Johnsons, would kick the shit out of them.

A local Salvo leader isn’t impressed. He says the Panhead panhandlers are gypping Aussie moochers out of charity. “I have to say that I actually felt sick when I saw what was taking place across the city because there are people this city and the vast majority of them that we see sleeping rough are in absolute genuine need.”

But that wouldn’t matter to the Chinaman. When he isn’t stealing baby formula out of babies’ mouths, his fellow countrymen are conducting business in which all profits go back to China and nothing is left to tax. The Chinaman is literally sucking Australia dry with no more thought than he sticks a pan-fried grasshopper in his mouth.

Yet, what really doesn’t make any sense is why Australia is so hell-bent on doing business with China since by pulling scams like this it hardly suggests great prosperity.

Or maybe that’s just the psychopathic nature of the Chinese: the same way they’ll eat an animal down to its carcass and bones they intend to strip Australia right down to the sand between our toes. They have sensed every weakness in the west and exploited it: the multicultural weakness being one, and the empathy for fellow man being another. 

This is a people who harvest body organs so manipulating our sense of charity is no problem. They are, without a doubt, pure Fu Manchu evil. 

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