July 2, 2019


An advisory document issued to NSW university science lecturers warns against making such claims as ‘Aboriginals have lived in Australia for 40,000 years.’

This is inappropriate as it is presumed to challenge Aboriginal beliefs that they have always lived here. So, instead, lecturers are being instructed to say, “Australian Aborigines have been here since the beginning of dreaming.”

By all evidence, the bastards have never stopped dreaming. But, be that as it may, you can see where we’re heading. This is like telling the French that they bravely defeated the Nazi invasion of 1940 because they prefer to think of themselves as winners.

These are known as ‘inclusivity guidelines’, which is an ironic name, seeing as how it does not allow for inclusion in reality. The guidelines were approved by a working group involving a walking caricature of a Marxist-indoctrinated female academic, the dean Emma Johnston.

With a smile like a glint off a butcher’s knife, Emma okayed (and probably personally authored) didactic passages such as, “Recognise that intentional or unintentional racist, classist, homophobic, ableist, ill-informed and/or disparaging comments or content can be harmful to students from minority identities.”

Obviously, not as harmful as, say, calling them a filthy petrol-sniffing, shit-fragrance dirty baby-rooting coon. Not that we would dream of saying anything of the sort. But we at New Australian Bulletin are nothing if not progressive so we’ll allow ourselves to be further instructed by this mad woman’s guidelines.

“In the case that a student calls out your use of non-inclusive language, avoid being defensive. Acknowledge it, and reflect on how you might ensure inclusivity.”

Which is akin to suggesting that the brittle minority student should be giving the lecture just to ensure nothing spoken in the lecture room pushes his or her (or its’) myriad sensitivity buttons.

Funnily enough, when The Weekend Australian interviewed researchers about whether or not these were true concerns of indigenous people, the response was interesting. An archaeologist from the University of Wollongong said, “The Aboriginal people I’ve worked with are enormously interested in the scientific evidence (of early indigenous occupation)”.

So, you can see how this whole ‘first peoples’ rubric is actually a construct of barmy White people. Yet, if you treat someone like they’re special, soon enough they’re going to believe you. Meanwhile, the crazy Woke White Folk will push harder and harder until penalties are imparted for acts of non-inclusivity, whatever that means.

The Abo holds the highest place in the social victim pecking order as it is perceived by crazy White liberals who are at war with what they believe was our torrid past.

Once upon a time, a boong wouldn’t be allowed to lick spilt beer off the floor of a pub dunny. If he wanted a drop of grog, he had to swig it out on the blazing tarmac with the blowflies and speeding lorries. You wouldn’t have to worry about an Abo getting out of a bus seat for you as they’d never have been allowed on a horseless carriage in the first place. The best they could expect by way of a ride was to cling to the spinning hubcaps.

But those dark days of ignorance and shame are being left behind. Not far enough behind so as we’ll ever be allowed to forget, nor so that the expiration date on Aboriginal grievances expires, but far enough that we can swap places. Thus, certain rules are being constructed to help give a boost to the ravaged esteem of our homegrown nogs while lowering ourselves to a place of lower social impact.

One girl, an “Aboriginal activist” gets it. She’s been getting away with serious offences like spitting in the face of cops and paramedics for so long now it’s practically written into her LinkedIn biography.

About a fortnight ago, she did it again. Leilani Clarke has been described by media as “glamorous indigenous activist”. Yet, she has a head like a footballer’s hamstring being strangled by two out-of-control eyebrows. Regardless, she was arrested in Chippendale after kicking in the side panel of a taxi.

When the rozzers showed up, true to form she attacked the female officer. We are supposed to qualify that with “allegedly” but with a form like hers forget about it. Besides, she was granted bail yet again.

Clarke is a typical violent Abo who relies on fashionable White Guilt to get away with her habitual crimes. She is already fronting court over an incident in Annandale in February when she attacked a female paramedic.

In 2018, she faced three separate appearances for spitting on cops. During an incident at Marrickville where she stole a $7 chicken curry, she kicked a male copper in the nuts and called police “White dogs”. She is fond of that expression, which is part of racist aggression conceived as a “self-diagnosis” of “transgenerational trauma” which is a non-existent condition passed down through her indigenous DNA otherwise known as “meth rage”.

The fact that any court would accept this bald-faced balderdash is a testament to the rising status of Aboriginals as untouchables. At a hearing for attacking a security guard in Hervey Bay, the Queen of Savage was actually lauded by the magistrate for deferring supposed university study in favour of a hospitality course. Which is like quitting medicine to be a fry cook at Red Rooster.

Magistrate Erin Kenney, who is as cucked as cucked can be, told her, “That all seems amazing but you’ve got to stay on top of your mental health. Do not self-medicate. Just make sure you say no, you won’t take illicit substances.”

That’s like expecting the sun to say, no, I won’t rise in the morning. It is also logic Crazy White Liberal style. And you can think of them as being the dancing chickens of Jewish cultural Marxism. 

Emma Johnston, university dean, and mad as a cut snake


  1. Emma’s list of ‘..ist’ expressions to be avoided (racist, sexist etc) includes ‘classist’. The hypocrisy of the globalist/fake left knows no bounds.

    Remember that SBS – the TV station dedicated to inclusion and diversity – aired the poverty porn series Struggle Street. This drivel was simply an attack by the new elite on Australia’s white working class.

    Despite protests, SBS refused to can the series, showing just how serious these elitists are about inclusion. Blacktown council garbos blockaded the silvertail SBS enclave in Artarmon in protest. A case of garbage out, garbage in if ever there was one.



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