June 22, 2022


Israel Folau’s case has made Australians see where society is headed as the Woke Dollar turns into a millennial inquisition. What is, in fact, a disagreement triggered over contract conditions has been elevated to a wider public forum on “freedom of speech”.

Yet, nobody was particularly concerned that Jim Saleam, the leader of the Australia First Party, was refused Westpac accounts based on his political views. Likewise, civic patriot Blair Cottrell lost his Westpac accounts due to his notoriety. But no mainstream media outlet mentioned either. Even though the stories were out there nobody decided to champion either of them even though the repercussions are enormous. Imagine Westpac closing down the accounts of religious leaders they don’t like. The other discussion is about employers policing employees views out of work, the other refers to corporations shutting down any speech they disagree with effectively making them unelected thought police.

Our Editor-in-chief Barry Spall commented that overall what he grasped about the Folau case was that interest groups are colliding with as yet uncatalogued species of Australian interests. But what each is asking for, even if they haven’t exactly expressed it, is legislation affirming their positions. When it comes to “freedoms” it’s not on the Libertarian radar to bother with others who do not accord with their own interests or whom they disagree with. This is the same issue they have with ‘the far left’ and the Woke Dollar.

Again, as Barry pointed out, it’s ironic that the discussion is out there thanks to a non-White named Israel, but he also cautioned, careful what you wish for. If it is solely religious freedom that hijacks the dialogue then be prepared to accept billboards warning infidel Christians to convert to Islam or face the wrath of Allah. Surely, this is a religious belief, is it not, regardless of whether it is on the extreme side of religion? Or must special rules apply to Islam? We know they do because the logic of the kosher anti-Islam movement has been one of Diversity Minus Islam.

Is it simply a case that nobody has yet articulated the central desire of this chorus of disparate voices united over the broad theme of ‘freedoms’?

Is it that they want Corporations to desist discriminating against those who don’t subscribe to the insanity of Right Think? Do they want laws for Christians which will inadvertently facilitate debates they aren’t that keen on being made public, such as Islamic supremacy? As Nationalists, we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t censor public speech. Having won a hard-fought battle, we would be hardly likely to immediately surrender our ground by permitting discussion of whether or not non-Anglo-Celtic-Europeans should be allowed back to Australia. And as for ‘transgender rights’, forget about it. Everything the Woke Dollar stands sentry for we would expunge on the basis of a maintaining a healthy society and it only takes what’s happening now to see that we’d be right to do so.

We only mention this stuff to point out that simply because voices accord on an issue doesn’t mean those voices are in accord. Right now, the central point of agreement is true for us all: that we don’t need a sociopathic monster like Westpac and the ANZ bank, which were among those ‘Woke’ corporations ripping off Australians and destroying their personal savings to further their own profit margins, acting as an arbiter of societal values.

And Rugby Union Australia is a choice example of hypocrites given the type of behaviour that they will condone against that they won’t.

We do not support Israel Folua because he isn’t White, he plays in the miscegenationist sport of football, and he’s an evangelical Christian who champions Israel. But the debate he has triggered, and the hypocrisy that he’s inadvertently helped to unveil are very useful.

However, Nationalists do not expect to become the recipient of any social progress made in the outcome. And this will, of course, go to prove what we say about how even now these voices are all really just expressing on behalf of their own particular interest.

Another wonderful byproduct is, of course, that it makes the LGBTQI (whatever that dyslexic jumble of letters refers to) mafia look to be exactly the disgusting intolerant Rainbow Gestapo everyone already takes them for.

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