June 25, 2019


Drawing a Nationalist into a spat involving a Tongan evangelical who is worth millions, a hypocritical miscegenetic
sporting code selectively defending degenerates, and an issue of thought crime isn’t easy.

Firstly, we have the matter of the Tongan footballer’s name. Seriously, how can you trust anybody named ISRAEL? That’s a red flag if ever there was one. But how are you going to champion a non-White making millions out of a sporting code most closely associated with Private School knobs? So far, it’s a lose-lose situation.

Much brouhaha has been made of Israel Folau’s contretemps with Rugby Australia and his former team The Waratahs. Folau was sacked for posting on social media a standard Christian diatribe about sinners, including homos, going to hell if they don’t repent. There is nothing impressive about his remarks to us, but to the keepers of “right thinking” he pushed enough buttons to make sponsors nervous, so they pulled the pin on his contract citing “social media” rules. Mind you, Folau’s rant included nothing about a multimillionaire grifting money for a legal matter when he has a property portfolio worth around $7 million. Which begs the question, what happens to Nationalists who get mugged by the system over “free speech” and no one will toss them a 20-cent coin? Those libertarians and conservatives kicking up a stink about this Islander have never raised a squeak over Nationalists facing worse discrimination. That’s selective outrage since their own kind being fitted up by corrupt Police and Media doesn’t ruffle their ire. Moreover, these are poor folk, not rich ball-kickers like Folau. 

Here is a clash of dogmas; one group of judgmental bullies facing off with another with the real bone of contention likely to boil down to what an employee can or cannot post on social media. This has already proven a messy issue. But never forget when Christianity was the Rugby Union Australia of the western world. Indeed, once upon a time, Christianity was more than simply a faith based on a spiritual conviction, it was a gruesome cartel that hunted down and murdered anyone who did not capitulate to its beliefs. It sent out ‘missionaries’ to foreign lands to tell complete strangers they were living their lives all wrong. More than one of these ended up in a cooking pot and that was a good thing.

So now we have a non-White millionaire evangelical Christian who no doubt supports attacking Iran to ensure the safety of “God’s chosen people” becoming a martyr of free speech. Instead, he’s supposed to be a lump running around with a ball but like George Clooney gabbing on about politics instead of acting he’s on social media preaching The Gospel. 

We do sympathise over the central issue of religious expression, but be careful what you wish for. That will shut down all those who criticize Islam. As Nationalists we have been fighting this system forever. It seems to take a non-White footballer to get censured over silly posts on Facebook before anyone else heeds our cry, and then for the wrong reasons. The matter itself is more than it seems. Far from being solely about “free speech” it’s really a case of transgressing a thought crime in which the active ministries overseeing such infractions are corporate entities. A multi-million-dollar business like Rugby Australia, which has its fair share of drug users, rapists, philanderers and drunks, is pounding the gavel over a politically incorrect Islander. Again, selective criticism? Is it really about suppressing Christians? Nope, it’s about the Woke dollar. One trope has collided with another — that of the multicultural narrative jack-knifing the LGBTQ trope — proving the ideological shoelaces are not immune from being tied together and tripping up the host.

The Woke dollar and “proper think” go hand in hand. Inclusivity in the context of corporate Woke money is not about social inclusion on the basis of striving for harmonious unity among different groups and races. Nope, it’s about not threatening a “brand” which is reliant on inclusiveness to keep shifting units and moving product. To find the wizard behind the curtain look for the dollar sign, which is something Israel (cough) has no problem with. He’s so attached to his own scratch that he prefers to reach out to the struggling punters to fund his legal battles rather than dig into his own wide pockets. And that, right there, is Christian hypocrisy to a tee.

Frankly, the sporting codes in this country have done as much as the Christian church to promote miscegenation of the races. Nationalists should boycott them both on this principle alone. Folau is not White and we don’t want him any more than we want to listen to an amorphous social predator like a Corporation telling us what’s morally correct and isn’t when they have all the integrity of a paedophile in a kiddies’ jumping castle.

Those who will now Stand with Israel will do nothing when another Nationalist is falsely charged. Frankly, this whole social farce confirms fake dramas like this can distract people’s energies from focusing on the wider picture. Israel was happy to take Ruby Union Australia’s money before they nixed him for threatening their crap brand and what have they ever done for Australia? Go Fund Me have been shutting down the campaigns of anti-globalists since they started and that’s because (duh) they’re a globalist platform just like the social media platforms the same voices whinge about being banned from. Are they to criticize gays and feminists etc forcing their way into hetero and male provinces like the football codes, the army and so on, and then do the same themselves with globalist properties such as Go Fund Me? 

Folau has a coconut for a brain; why pay him attention? As for Christians, they’ll never stand by Nationalists in our hour of need because “God” will have other plans for them. Isn’t it right that Folau claimed he was trying to “save” souls? Don’t forget, on Israel’s Instagram list of undesirables he included “Atheists” and “Drunks”. Now he needs saving. No genuine Aussie can trust a man who doesn’t buy his round, and while NAB has no problem with Christians in principle, don’t expect us to buy into your insane fantasies. It’s possible to be an atheist without joining the ranks of Anarchists and other perverts.

And we can just see the Libertarian bumper stickers that will read #IStandWithIsrael and the irony of such a slogan will knock us onto our rear ends with howling peals of laughter.

Seriously, bugger saving souls of rakehell homos, because that’s like giving aid to the enemy; but more to the point, save Australia first and souls last. Put Israel and every other non-White on a boat and return them whence they came, turn your back on corporate footy, and start your own team. And never play Union ‘cos it’s for toffs and kiddy fiddlers. 

When the Church had all the power of Rugby Union Australia ...


  1. These cuckservatives always hitch their wagons to a libertarian cause on the premise that the enemey of my enemy is my friend. But all concerned are our enemy. Thanks for telling it plainly!

  2. Media lies where people are jumping on the bandwagon believing them
    Alan Jones said Israel Folau was a millionaire, wrong, Fact check Jones’s connection to ARU. Most of Folau’s money goes to the Tongan church.

    1. Folau’s money does not go to the Tongan church, that’s ridiculous. He is a Pentecostal, which is a freakish, evangelical brand of Christianity that is “out there”. Evangelical Christianity, of course, being a patron of Zionism. What’s more, Christianity and the ARU are the biggest proponents of race mixing. Folau’s money is invested heavily in property, and he has something like seven in his portfolio, which forms the basis of his wealth. There are nationalists who have been fighting these issues for years, who are now being persecuted, who are WHITE, who do NOT believe in race mixing, and who people like you are not standing up for. This is a White Nativist site, not a crying stall for disaffected civic patriots.

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