June 24, 2019


A student at a Sydney high school was forced to recite the Koran as part of a systematic program of bullying at the hands of majority non-White pupils.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on the plight of 13-year-old Benji Lord at Ashfield Boys High in the inner-west of Sydney. But, in an unexplained move, it has since removed all links to the story without comment.

However, the story told of how Nina Lord, Benji’s mother, had started homeschooling him after a period of bullying so intense he was left with marks of asphyxiation from a playground struggle. Granted Benji has a gay name and looks effete, but if anyone’s going to bully him for being a possible homo it’ll be us and not a bunch of scruffy Arabs.

Among the outrages, Benji endured having a hardback bible thrown at him during a scripture class. Just because it was scripture doesn’t mean an Aussie threw it since Benji and his mum must be about the only Aussies left in Ashfield. We would wager it was an Islander kid because that’s about their measure.

According to the SMH, Benji’s mum had fired off a letter to the education minister documenting “ongoing racism, violence and death threats”. This at a school heralded for its supposed policy of zero tolerance towards bullying.

This is a sick joke since the school is understood by accounts of other parents to have a culture of bullying by racist non-White hooligans, and a faculty which does nought to prevent it. Another mother of a White Australian kid told the SMH, “[My son James] was constantly teased and ridiculed and called every disgusting and vile name under the sun. Then one day he was knocked clean off his feet in the schoolyard by a Year 10 kid.”

Benji’s mum is homeschooling the lad while she decides whether or not to send him to a private school to be bullied by rich Indians and Asians instead. Seriously, you can’t name your kid after a movie dog and not expect some kind of razzing. 

And that’s the point here because if Benji believes he has been failed in his education he is only part right. In truth, he has had one of the best educations there is; he has learned that multiculturalism is a lethal system which creates victims out of its hosts. He has learned not to trust Arabs and to avoid contact with anyone who is not White.

Hopefully, he will also have learned to man-up and get into training soon, so that next time a greasy foreigner tries to take his lunch money he can kill him with a one-strike blow to the windpipe.

As to the SMH removing the story, we have a pretty good idea why. Either bricks started flying through the windows of the Lords’ home or else the globalist editor decided it harmed the narrative they’re guilty of pushing.

On a note of trivia, Angus Young, lead guitarist of AC/DC dropped out of Ashfield Boys High when he was 15.

Ashfield Boys High leading the way in White Cleansing.


  1. This is only a fraction of the problems of multicultural schooling and much of it doesn’t involve whites. Although at least one white kid was literally chased out of a school at Fairfield some years ago by Middle eastern kids. Some violence has turned deadly although the Education Department tries to deny the truth.

  2. The article is still on the SMH website: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/forced-to-recite-the-koran-the-school-that-failed-to-protect-benji-from-bullies-20190621-p5206w.html

    If the assaults on Benji Lord had been inflicted elswhere, the police would have been called. But not in this school. Teachers refused to accept any responsibility and blamed the victim, telling Benji he had to toughen up.

    The NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said bullying of any kind was “absolutely unacceptable”.

    As soon as you hear an official saying something is “absolutely unacceptable” you can bet they are going to do no more than wag their finger.

    This is not the first case of Muslim standover tactics at this school. The school appears to be under the thrall of Muslim thugs who are aided and abetted by weak, intimidated teachers and a weak and intimidated Education Department and a weak and intimidated Education Minister.

    1. There is a strong history of such in schools from that demographic. Teachers have been threatened at their homes.

    2. The SMH report now says the story was ‘amended’ to take into account the views of the school’s P&C. Fascinating that it no longer makes reference to the boy being forced to recite the Koran, other than in the web link.
      Perhaps the P&C objected. Don’t want to provoke another Cronulla..
      The closing paragraph quotes the Mum as saying she’s all for public schooling, but that it’s just not working in Sydney. Fair call. Unless immigration is stopped – and those not wanting, or not able to assimilate are helped to find more suitable homelands – this will be the future of all of Australia. Not just Sydney’s vibrant inner west.

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