June 22, 2019


When it comes to spawning musical talent there is something special about the northern latitudes, maybe the climate, or the water?

Fans of heavy music have been blessed in recent years by the sounds coming from northern regions, in fact, there has been a revival of 1970s infused blues-rock in the early 21st century.

Acts such as Germany’s Kadavar and Blues Pills from Sweden have become stalwarts of the European summer festival circuit, their music though is a tad more upbeat and sunnier than this week’s album, which seems ripped straight from the permafrost.

Oslo outfit The Devil And The Almighty Blues have released a dark, brooding masterwork in their third album Tre, six tracks of self-reflection, mystery and magic.

It stands to reason that Norway and the Mississippi delta would inspire very different interpretations of the Blues; where the Negro lamented his enslavement and poverty in the new world, the White man of the north, living in relative luxury is moved to write of his inner struggle and the mysteries of his ancient land.

Make no mistake, this is a modern blues album through and through, though with a particularly Norwegian flavour; Tre is all ice cold imagery pulled from the winter months of near darkness and biting cold.

Comparisons to other similar bands, in this case, are useless, all you need to do is listen to Tre and wonder; sitting here on a cold winter night, muscles aching from a hard day’s labour this brand of hard-edged, yet the melodic rock is just the tonic for the White working man.

Listen to The Devil And The Almighty Blues, it will expand your mind and soothe your soul with its grim and frosty visions, superb musicianship and hypnotic vocals

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