Official statistics for annual crime rates in Victoria confirm those from Sudanese and South Sudanese backgrounds top the list of the state’s offenders.

Figures from the Crime Statistics Agency show Sudanese-born people are “67 times more likely to be charged with aggravated robbery and 55 times more likely to be charged with riot and affray in Victoria than those born elsewhere.”

The statistics, revealed by The Australian, fly in the face of indignant denials by critics who claim that such public perceptions are stirred by xenophobia. They prove that in the past year, despite an overall decline in crime, figures from that community have been disproportionately rising. Gang crime such as carjackings, muggings, assaults and drug offences have been increasing at a time when state-wide crime figures are at their lowest since 2015. This is while taking population growth into account.

And it’s all possible thanks to our humanitarian program which allows savages from half a world away to endlessly burden the taxpayer in a chain reaction caused by their arrival.

The word used by Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton when he spoke to radio 3AW in Melbourne was “escalation”. It must have been a difficult admission to make for such a high-ranking officer given VicPol’s policy of ‘lie and deny’ when it comes to African crime. Breaking with this mandatory procedure, he said, “Anecdotally, we do know African youth are still over-represented in those high-impact, high-end crimes.”

Like a fine wine improving with age, or a term deposit accruing interest, data shows that Sudanese crime has grown on a yearly basis. For the period 2016-17 Sudanese accounted for 875 “unique offences” while this year they’ve broken that record and sit at 941. If only they could divert that kind of energy into achieving Olympic gold.

Those who dismiss Sudanese as non-achievers should be aware of their accomplishing, “the top two or three places of birth for offenders charged with crimes including aggravated burglary, serious assault, motor vehicle theft, aggravated robbery, and riot and affray.”

Lisa Neville, who wears a ladies’ police uniform and people address as “Police Minister”, admitted that thanks to the ‘skinnies’, the number of offenders has outstripped the sum total of victims.

Not to be misconstrued, she qualified her admission by blaming a “small group of repeat offenders”. That way she could avoid the wrath of Danny Andrews who is looking at having whoever leaked the statistics killed.

See, no need to panic, it was just racism all along...

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