June 20, 2019


Sydney Criminal Lawyers came to our attention with an article on their blog advancing Fairfax (Nine) smears about radical nativist journalist Nathan Sykes following his arrest.

We wondered why they would leap so quickly to conclusions about his case without hearing all sides. They’re a law firm and should respect the principle of innocent-until-proven-guilty. Given the nature of their clientele, one would imagine they’re used to dealing with cases where police conduct is questionable, and the media oversteps its boundaries. Apparently, they desire their class of criminal (sic) to be globalist in outlook.

Next up, we find their blog published an interview with the extreme doxxing group The White Rose Society, which links to the lawless Anarchist and Antifascist undergrounds. Is this because a large amount of their business comes from representing the middle-class hooligans who make up the zealous ranks of these reputation vandals? The more we looked, the more anti-fascist related material we found. We wanted to know what gives.

The firm’s founder is Ugur Nedim. From an Arabic-background, Nedim registered Sydney Criminal Lawyers in 2011, and touts his lengthy experience in legal practise starting from his time with “specialist criminal law firm Brezniak Neil-Smith”.


Ugur Nedim: literally a social justice warrior for hire

His bio crows about how after leaving Chatswood High he completed a combined Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts degree at the Australian National University then collected a Diploma in Legal Practise. However, his crowning triumph was a Master of Laws degree at Sydney University, where he “achieved a ‘High Distinction’ grade average”.

He also hooked up with lefty types from that milieu who now write his blog. One of those is Zeb Holmes.

With red hair, trident features and a hooter like a bonnet ornament on a Rolls Royce, Zeb is an archetypal post-grad prig. His Facebook page celebrates his Woke culture, which involves hedonistic capers with his “communist” mates. Currently, its timeline settings are stuck in his university years. The chronicle of his transformation from indoctrinated social justice fantast into bourgeois hypocrite isn’t open to the public. Zeb was responsible for the Sykes article, which involved no journalistic effort on his part, as he copied Fairfax’s text and added his own purple prose. Zeb is a lawyer too, although he doesn’t work for the firm. Most of his clients are either unicorns or rainbows.


That’s Zeb right there. He’s the hot dog holding the try-hard with the pointy nose in the Black Sabbath T-Shirt.

Equally bereft of objectivity and originality is Paul Gregorie, who conducted the interview with the White Rose Society. Gregorie’s bio is as hackneyed as his writing. A “Sydney-based journalist and writer” his bag is “human rights issues”, “encroachments on civil liberties”, “drug law reform”, “gender diversity and First Nations rights”. In other words, he is a tame egg whose lack of imagination is as fatally plain as his choice of causes, which are the most predictable in the ideological syllabus. Unsurprisingly, he wrote for VICE and the Sydney City Hub, which says it all really.

Gregorie is more at ease with Q&As which don’t tax his limited turn of phrase. His contributions encompass all the essential social justice themes, plus an interview with ‘Slackbastard’, or as we know him, Professor Rob Sparrow of Monash University; and paranoia pieces on White Nationalism. Neither he nor Holmes seems fussed about researching facts or balancing their writing with countering opinions. Both have co-written articles with Nedim, which is curious to us. In fact, he is as active on the blog as he is in the legal profession, where he appears eager to do for the law what McDonald’s did for eating.


Paul Gregorie apparently hustling in a men’s toilet somewhere. Or possibly in the Ladies’.

The blog doesn’t discuss the industry perse, as you’d expect, but on the whole, focuses on stories critical of Australian society; Australian law and Australians themselves. The question is, why? This is where we return to the company’s founder for clues since we couldn’t get any answers out of the firm.

Ugur isn’t the sole member of his clan to take up law. His team boasts two other Nedims, Eddie and Deniz. We attempted to ascertain whether they’re all brothers but as we say the firm’s media contact refused to answer our questions. These included whether or not they arrived as refugees and are therefore simply taking back a little from the country that gave them so much. Notable, too, is that nobody White is on their team, although a couple of young White women appear in their video, while at least six White faces are in an unexplained group shot.

All in all, the casual observer could be forgiven for mistaking Nedim for a shameless impresario. Ugur’s foray into the legal world seems to have been stirred less by a crusader’s zeal for truth and justice, and more by a wide boy’s taste for the pretty green. Maybe it’s just a world-weary streak of cynicism on our part, but we get the feeling that Nedim isn’t in it for the karmic rewards.

Ugur pitches about implementing a system of flat fees for his services, which rattled the competition at first but is now adopted widely by the industry. Yet, his set fees are spread over many tables.

An ASIC search reveals a mini-empire, on paper, and all of his firms chasing the ambulance of one human weakness or another. One is Sydney Drink-Driving Lawyers. Even dangerous pissheads who get behind the wheel and mow down kids at a crossing deserve proper legal counsel. And what about heroin importers? It’s a victimless crime. Nedim has a specialised service for them in Sydney Drug Lawyers. Coward punchers? Nedim has you covered with Sydney Assault Lawyers and Sydney Assault Defence Lawyers. Nothing for White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis though. Perhaps he heard they’re all broke.

Nedim has 20 registered companies all up although we haven’t checked that each is current. Not all are law related. Media-Link International, the status of which is cancelled, shares its name with an Arabic media services company located in Beirut. Coincidence? Mobile DJ Australia, which sounds like a sly name for a cocaine distribution service, but we’re not suggesting it is, we cannot find anything on.

Elsewhere in our searches, we turned up a story on the ABC from 2017 titled ‘Law Firm Under Fire for Joking About Drink-Driving on Facebook’. At least they have a sense of humour, all be it not in the same category of political correctness as their social commentaries. Seems Aunty rapped their knuckles and the Law Society expressed disapproval over certain memes it deemed in poor taste which were posted on the Facebook page of The Sydney Drink-Driving Lawyers.


One of the hilarious, side-splitting, thigh-slapping and super mature memes Ugur posted up on his Drink-Driving Lawyers’ Facebook page. We never knew they meant the firm’s name literally.

All of this has us baffled since it is very likely that the Nedims are Muslims. We couldn’t get a response from their media contact on this either. However, if they are, then we can’t understand what all of this promotion of transgender issues and pandering to law-breaking drunks has to do with pleasing Allah.

It was not a topic covered either when DynamicBusiness.com.au conducted a cheesy interview with Ugur.  In a riotous assault on our credulity threshold we read this paragraph:

“Working as a criminal defence lawyer for a specialist criminal law firm, Ugur became despondent in an industry which appeared to hold profit generation as it’s overriding objective. Of course – in any business, money talks. For Ugur however, money stops speaking sense when professionals, inebriated by the pursuit of profits, act against client interests. From overbilling, to unnecessarily prolonging cases, unethical practices were rife according to Ugur. And that’s why he broke away and started Sydney Criminal Lawyers.”

There you have it – the man is a philanthropist who doesn’t mind raking in piles of moolah bigger than an elephant graveyard. After all, you cannot bear the cross of mankind on an empty stomach, and if you’re going to feed the belly no point eating anything less than the best money can buy. Philanthropy is not a business for paupers.

What’s it all mean then? This is a question we seem to keep repeating and honestly, it isn’t entirely clear. We will have to keep an eye on him. Nedim’s background doesn’t exactly give itself over immediately to radical identity politics. One can divide the possibilities in two ways: either he is chasing the Woke dollar like every other business and corporation, or else he has a genuine loathing of White Australia and its proponents. One thing is sure, however, and that is a trend of Antifascists into criminal law.

We at New Australian Bulletin have a major story we hope to break sooner or later that will split the atom-sized brain of Australian Anarchism when revealed. It is positively incendiary and its ramifications are mind-blowing. It has major implications for Australian Nationalism, too, and the parasites from all the groups who’ve appropriated the name Nationalist but are nothing more than stooges for the conservative traitors.


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