A columnist for The Australian has stated the bleeding obvious — that we’re about to be flooded with even more Chinese. But because these will be fleeing Hong Kongers and not communists this is apparently a good thing. We beg to differ.

Events in Hong Kong may generate the biggest influx of celestials since Beijing Bob Hawke opened the floodgates to Chinese Super-Settlement in 1989. Nationalists rightly view this as something that must be prevented at all costs. However, The Australian’s Robert Gottliebsen opines that we should be on our hands and knees, scrubbing the footpaths in preparation for them.

His bizarre article argues, “If we are smart, we can be part of the solution to China’s Hong Kong problem.

“But we need to make sure that the apartments we sell to the Chinese are built properly. In Sydney, we have seen residents of two towers being forced to leave their home because of bad work. Most were Chinese. We will have our own set of problems if we sell to the Chinese leaving Hong Kong apartments with shoddy workmanship.”

Yeah, to hell with Australians suffering in dodgy apartments, they won’t be buying them anyway.

The mentality of this man is so repulsive to us we hope that cancer of the brain sticks its black-jellied claw out of his ear and shoves two bony fingers up his nose. We had to run a quick check to find out if he’s Jewish.

We can’t prove that he is, but Gottliebsen is a major advocate of Asian property buyers and views life through a balance sheet. His background with The Financial Review says it all. Being just shy of a thousand years old, he’ll be dead soon, but sadly, his type will go on. To them, this country is little more than what sells on the property markets, and whether or not there’ll be tax breaks.

But his argument will resonate with conservative libertarian folk who hog the oxygen of Nationalists and make comments like, “These will be mainly migrants who respect the rule of law, democracy and the Australian way of life with its ‘fair go for all’ — a fair base for a group of people famous for their productive ability. I would welcome them.”

That’s an actual comment, by the way, which appeared below the op-ed piece. So, we’ve got Hymie Gottliebsen unblinkingly admitting that pretty much all of those forced to leave the Jerry-built Mascot apartment block are Chinese, and this weasel commenter welcoming even more to our shores.  

Frankly, fuck Hong Kong. Take it up with the British. Go there, not here. They’re the ones who ‘gifted’ your wonderful democratic system, go burden them, they’ve already surrendered their nation to the Arabs, Pakistanis and West Indians. We’re bloody-well full. Plus, one more Chinese student and we’ll be officially declared a province of China by virtue of ethnicity.

Seriously, this right here is where the Faultline exists between Nationalists and the scum who’ve long sold us out to multiracialism. We view Australia as being defined by its ‘people’, but they express it in terms of our economy and parliamentary system. One of us has it wrong and they keep saying it’s us. But when all these wonderfully democratised Hong Kong rejects mass migrate to our shores does Gottliebsen seriously believe China will shrug and say, “No worries, they’re Democrats now” and forget about them?!

That’s not how things work. No, it’ll just make it even easier for Beijing to settle this land because it will already be full of their people. Instead of running them over in tanks on Hong Kong streets they’ll sail their navy back into our harbour and start shooting them here. Then, of course, they’ll be shooting us, too. And bombing us, and zapping our brains with ultra-high-frequency soundwave weaponry.

No, Robert, you’re a fornicating-knuckle and you need dropping on your head from an exceedingly great height. Nothing you say is helpful, and if money is all you want, then move to Las Vegas. Australia is for Australians.

Gottliebsen: is he, isn't he?

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