Irony doesn’t get much richer than the safety supremo for Victoria’s Trains getting bashed on one of the stations he is supposed to be securing.

Chris O’Neil, Assistant Commissioner of Transit and Safety, was beaten by two brothers outside Heyington Railway Station late on Saturday afternoon. The 60-year-old sustained serious injuries to his head and chest and is undergoing treatment in hospital.

The two attackers, pictured smiling on CCTV, were spoken to by staff regarding antisocial behaviour on a train before departing at the station where the assault occurred. News reports say the two had been “vomiting and urinating” on the train and were apparently affected by drugs and alcohol.

Mr O’Neil was off duty when the assault took place. Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill told 3AW, “There was some sort of interaction between the two, he may or may not have asked them to leave … and then they retaliated with the assault.”

Investigations led to the arrest of a 20-year-old man and his brother, 18, at Malvern East on Monday afternoon.

Health Minister Jenny Mikakos told The Age, “It is absolutely appalling that we’ve had someone just going about their day in an unprovoked attack, and attacked and assaulted and injured.”

But he wasn’t just someone, surely, Jenny. He was the ‘Assistant Commissioner of Transit and Safety’ and obviously hasn’t been earning his pay. What’s more, you need some grammar lessons, lady, if you’re going to continue to speak publicly.

We can only speculate as to what led to him being rolled, but given his title, he probably took on airs and started coming on all authoritative when he should’ve just kept his mouth shut. A picture of him flanked by two armed ‘Public Order Response’ members pretty much says it all about this control freak. Don’t get us wrong; in no way do we condone the violence, in fact, we would sentence the two specimens who perpetrated the assault to a life of capital punishment, it’s just that, you know. 

When it comes to big government knobs like O’Neil it’s hard to have sympathy. Being a public transport bigwig, he should have known better than to catch a train. With the salary he must be on, surely, he owns a car.

Anybody could’ve told him train stations aren’t safe.

The two pissed, drugged-out yobbos who were dumb enough to just happen to bash the top bloke in Vic's Transit Safety


  1. Unfortunately we will never get the truths on this story Vicpol will change things to suit themselves, *under the influence alcohol and drugs” not allegedly.
    Was this off duty cop tested for the same?

    1. These two don’t look like they could beat time with a stick Perhaps the victim is just an overpaid, undertrained pussy

  2. Big to-do because he’s got a title!!!!
    Mr, Mrs, Miss, these are titles too. Does O’Neil or Mikakos give a flying fuck about all the people who, like him, should feel and be safe from these scum?

  3. Jeff ^ would have to be the biggest fuckwit online.
    Let’s hope his 60 year old family member gets jumped by 2 thugs.

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