In lieu of any decent new Aussie releases this week we have decided to cast our eye back to 2018 and the superb album Urban Cowboy by Melbourne’s Garage Punk supremos Drunk Mums.

As a big fan of their 2015 album Gone Troppo and it’s quirky, grungy 70’s inspired feel their third album was a welcome addition to the Spotify library.

Urban Cowboy is a far more polished and grown-up record, almost sophisticated you could say; the band still wear their influences on their sleeves, which is a good thing since they obviously have great taste in music.

Some reviewers have compared Drunk Mums to Johnny Thunders and The Stooges and while those elements are definitely there the net is cast much wider on this album, echoes of the whole pantheon of the 1970s and ‘80’s American Punk gods can be heard.

Listening to Urban Cowboy from start to finish we can hear diverse references, the title track is a grand Glam anthem channelling Marc Bolan, Order from Chaos reeks of vintage Devo while the DNA of bands like Wipers and Descendents is all over You Got it and Hellfire.

Asthmatic is another standout track about, well, being afflicted with asthma, all rolling drumbeats and jangling guitars the track draws in the band’s older sounds with their new, tighter arrangements.

We demand that our readers listen to Drunk Mums, or better yet go over to their Bandcamp page and sling the boys a few quid, there is not a dud track on the whole album and their back catalogue is just as impressive.

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