June 7, 2019

The conventional thing to do right about now would be to criticise the Federal Police for its raids on senior News Corp press gallery journalist Annika Smethurst and ABC offices in Sydney’s Ultimo as part of its shady “investigations”.

But having had our people variously done over by these sainted ‘journalists’ we’re more of a mind to sit back with a box of popcorn and watch them both go at it. Frankly, the way nationalists are treated by ‘journalists’ it serves them right when blowback comes their way. We probably won’t become critical till at least a dozen or so are dropped from helicopters — and only then if it suits our purposes.

By the same token, it will be a joy to see how quickly it takes the Morrison government to stew in its own fetid juices. Morrison is the consummate coward where the truth is concerned, or where any sort of geopolitical fortitude must be shown.

Australian Signals Directorate Director-General Mike Burgess, a slippery geezer with a chrome dome and a rodential overbite, gave a speech at a National Security dinner last year where he told those slurping on microphones submerged in their crocodile bisque, “[It] is important that the Australian public know that ASD operations make a real difference every day when it comes to defending Australia from global threats.

“It is also important the Australian public trust us. Hence my talk here tonight. ASD operates within the law and for the best interest of Australians.”

Since nobody reportedly choked on their soup, we assume this last line was greeted with a gentle chorus of cynical chuckling. Operating ‘within the law’ these days has a very broad interpretation and ‘the best interest of Australians’ is probably even broader.

When goons from the Federal Police turned over Smethurst’s home they apparently rifled through her undies in the interests of Australians. Fourteen months have passed since Smethurst wrote an article which suggested the ASD was attempting to broaden its power to spy on Australian citizens. But the ASD is like a well-dressed elephant, it never forgets.

On Wednesday, the Feds and ASD targeted the ABC offices in Ultimo. Spending eight hours tearing the place apart, they searched for documents, files, notes and drawings relating to a 2017 story by investigative journalists Dan Oakes and Sam Clark. The Afghan Files relied on secret Defence documents leaked to the ABC which exposed a “warrior” culture within Australia’s Special Forces which allegedly murdered women and children in pursuit of insurgents in Afghanistan. Both of these raids were in the name of national security, but they were really in the name of covering up embarrassing mistakes.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has attempted to distance himself from the raids, while Acting AFP Commissioner Neil Gaughan endeavoured to palm the blame onto his officers who he said conducted the raids of their own volition.

But we know Scott Morrison was into it up to his nerdy eyeglasses. It reeks of Morrison; it practically sweats his own kind of hubris. Morrison is the punk of both the USA and China and each boss him around with a view to see who he’ll be more pusillanimous to. Yet, J Edgar Hoover wannabe, Mark Burgess, knows how to pull his strings and make him do his bidding while believing he is calling the shots. Morrison is growing into himself with tyrant fantasies having won an election the pundits were calling for Labor. He translates that into a mandate from the Australian people to behave in the manner of what he considers to be a benevolent dictator. Yet, he comes across like a much less interesting Richard Nixon.

Trouble is, Morrison forgot about Rupert Murdoch, who by and large was responsible for his election. By messing with Annika’s smalls and trying to lord it over her he has transgressed the holiest of unwritten laws: thou shalt not cross Rupert. Even worse, he’s facing being put over the knee of his pick for ABC Chair Ita Buttrose after she condemned the raids.

And by the same token, the ASD is running on idiot energy. ISIS is a threat which has been for all intents and purposes extinguished. There is no fear left in the Islam Terror Threat Catchment to bottle up and sell to the folks, so, as ASIO did since its inception, it has turned its pompous eye on the very people it is supposedly meant to be watching ‘out for’ and not ‘over’.

We know that it is not just a matter of Burgess acting to exercise power in his own department, to justify the laws and its own existence; whatever law enforcement do has political influence. We know this because one of our Nationalist friends is currently facing a legal matter that was invented by the state with the aid of a crooked journalist-turned-lawyer. We know it’s completely politically motivated and he aims to prove it. Thus, to us, the Police and the Journalists who colluded with them to fabricate this matter each for their own ends can both burn over Mediagate.

Quick! Call the Bondi vet, one of our rats is missing his teeth! [Mike Burgess, ASD Chief]

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