June 5, 2019


The Tiananmen Square massacre occurred on June 4 1989. In an impulsive grab for democracy, pesky students from the 1989 Democratic Movement had completely failed to judge the mood of their shifty government and started arcing up.

Cocky displays of defiance from April to June proved somewhat in vain as, after a period of paralysis by the government, martial law was declared. But kids being kids just didn’t listen and soon it was time for a well-deserved trip to the woodshed.

Squished into a runny sea of yellow goo under the tracks of tanks operated by members of the People’s Liberation Army, the student uprising literally came to a sticky end. It did not so much end all in tears as it did in mops and hoses. It was horrible. Apparently.

Likewise, a beer-quaffing gnome who did Prime Minister impressions for the Labor Party and was given to embarrassing bouts of unmanly blubbering, Bob Hawke, granted protective residency to thousands of young Chinese staying in Australia on study visas. This worried us more. Thanks to Hawke, who we are delighted to say is now dead, the seeds of Monday’s invasion of Sydney Harbour were sown. Student enrolments increased courtesy of greedy education providers. Only a small percentage of the students that began arriving and exploiting the visa system were opposed the CCP, the rest were its agents.

China’s presence here began to grow exponentially. Here we are with their warships in our harbour and cocky Chinese waving Australian and Chinese flags being welcomed aboard their vessels, the designs of which were doubtless provided by espionage.

Nothing good could ever have come from showing sympathy to these soulless insects much less inviting them onto our land. Whether or not they lived under democracy or the iron boot of communism was none of our affairs. As long as enough of a military deterrent existed to prevent the heinous little monkeys from trespassing on our soil that’s all we cared. We figured the USA granted us this protection. Now, that looks doubtful. 

So, whereas other western media feel obliged to sound the bugle of remembrance for a bunch of heathens who would gladly have bred them out of existence, we take a different view.

Just as our forebears did, we feel threatened by the Chinese. Just like those miners who used them for target practise and stomped on their tiny round heads with sturdy footwear, we have good reason to feel this way.

We view Monday’s invasion as having demonstrated that China’s plans to create a satellite of us (notwithstanding all the major agricultural, mining, real estate and strategic assets they’ve snapped up) are happening way faster than predicted. But it also proved what a useless flock of Ostriches most Australians are. Where is the defiance? Much of the social media we read ached dully with either apathy or timidity. Seems no one wants to think the unthinkable much less the unmistakable fact that it arrived in Sydney Harbour unannounced on Monday.

There is no way to misconstrue what has occurred. Scott Morrison, the evil bastard presiding over a quasi-Nixon-style administration for the quisling Liberal Party who are so much in Beijing’s pocket, clearly had no clue they were on their way. This is precisely why he claimed it was no surprise.

In fact, it was a surprise otherwise he (or Premier Gladys Berejiklian who didn’t know a thing about it either) would have been here to receive them and tour their boats, which wouldn’t have comprised such demonstrably threatening warcraft. Sailors would not have paraded with machine guns aboard in clear view of journalists and right now a few of us would be looking to punch on with any slanty-eyed bastards granted shore leave. Moreover, where the heck was our navy? Anywhere, it seems, but protecting our shores.

Proud Australians have a duty to get down to Potts Point and make an unmissable show for the Chinese media and those nasty Celestials aboard those hostile vessels: wave flags, taunt them with banners, flip them the finger, and shout at the yellow scum that they’re not welcome; let them know we would rather die than submit to Xi Jinping.

New Australian Bulletin will declare the first Australians to hold a demonstration at the naval base —— no matter if there are only three pensioners crankily waving sticks — as genuine, fully wakkas, you-beaut Aussie heroes.

We will also look forward to the Federal Police moving them on at the request of the Chinese military. The irony, coming on the cusp of the Tiananmen Square commemoration, will be delicious.


  1. We have not been told if the auxiliary replenishment ship Luoma Hu topped up its own tanks in Sydney and also topped up its cargo tanks as well – to refuel a Chinese aircraft carrier waiting out in the Tasman Sea.

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