June 3, 2019


Three Chinese warships have steamed into Sydney Harbour in what amounts to a flagrant show of strength by Beijing.

Sydneysiders awoke to the alarming spectacle of the three ships of the People’s Liberation Army, a frigate, an auxiliary supply ship and an amphibious assault craft docked at Garden Island.

Onboard are collectively 700 fanatical sailors in combat uniforms, many armed with QBC machine guns, which they impassively paraded for photographers.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already flunked the first test of his Prime Ministership since the Liberals were re-elected to office. He has failed to condemn Beijing for this act of terror and has lied to the Australian people by telling them that the ‘visit’ had been in place “for some time”. This is clearly diplomatic babble.

In a craven statement to media, he told reporters, “It may have been a surprise to others but it certainly wasn’t a surprise to the government.’

‘The [Chinese vessels] were returning from counter-drug trafficking operations in the Middle East and that is a further demonstration of the relationship we have. I think any reading into timing could be subject to a bit of over-analysis’.”

Obviously, Sydney Harbour is hardly a likely stopover for the Chinese navy if it is travelling back from the Gulf of Aden.

Mr Morrison spoke to reporters from the Solomon Islands where he just happens to be offering the tiny island a $250m package for “urgently needed projects” to sway them from opening diplomatic channels to China.

China’s invasion of our waters comes after HMAS Canberra was reportedly tailed by Chinese warships while in transit on the disputed waters of the South China Sea. During that exercise, Chinese fishermen targeted helicopter pilots from the HMAS Canberra with lasers. The Defence Department described that hostile encounter as a “friendly and professional interaction”.

Beijing’s trespass into our waters and harbour is also timed with the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Ironically, it was that massacre which resulted in Sinophile Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who recently died, granting residence to thousands of Chinese spawning the soft invasion by family members and relatives and occasioning the perturbing spike in Chinese settlement here.

As the ships sit in dock, members of the public have been allowed aboard. Images taken by media show those touring the vessels to be exclusively Chinese.

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