May 31, 2019


They say of women men can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. When it comes to the Abos it’s pretty much the same deal, except it goes more like who wants to live with ’em? However, for some reason, they insist on living with us, just so’s they can let us know they hate us. It’s a case of, “I’ll take your money, bud, but I still hate ya!”

Having said, a certain need exists for their wiser elders to reach a shared understanding with us: China controlling our country will not be beneficial to either of our people. In fact, the Chinese would kill them off with no more thought than throwing a cat in the wok.

The left who have infiltrated the Aboriginal community (all those White kids who’re one millionth Barani while defiantly adorning Abo T-shirts) have given the entitled among them (and that’s a lot) all the victim credit they need to carve out a life for themselves by carping regardless of whether they were all given cruiser yachts and waterfront mansions at Milsons Point. To them, whitey is bad, and that’s the beginning and end of the story.

Whitey killed the rain serpent; he pointed the bowser at the big emu which died of shame. Or something.

They hate us to the point that they’re laughing now that we’re being colonised by the Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and to a lesser extent their own mortal enemies the Africans and Islanders. They punch on with the Kaffirs and Mookies constantly over territorial disputes, but when it comes to whitey they’d side with Xi Jinping over China’s right to control our breathing air. They would do it even if it meant their entire people suffocating.

We’re not particularly fussed by this lack of love for us. To a certain extent, you have to expect it. But where’s the gratitude? White man dragged them kicking and screaming into the modern world and they were damned lucky the British got here first. If the celestials had sailed in there would be hardly an Abo skull left to display in a museum; they’d have charred them all to ash for the sake of creating an aphrodisiac.

If they don’t believe that the gooks would give them hell you only have to look around Asia at what happened when the British and French were given the heave-ho: their frightful swamps descended into anarchy, authoritarian hellholes, and bamboo covered mass graves quicker than boiled noodles. Hell, the British might’ve exploited them just the teensiest bit, but by god, they imposed a more decent system than the dreadful monkeys deserved. The trouble with Hong Kong was the Poms never went far enough, nor did the Japanese. Still, we’ve got the bloody Yanks to thank for jacking up the Chink economy and creating the monster we’re dealing with now, but we digress.

So, we’re of the opinion that a nationalist Australia would cultivate ties with the Abos up to a point. See, we respect their desire to live apart from us and commend them for it, but they must understand what that would entail. They’re almost there anyway, they’ve already got their own flag; now all we need to do is to encourage them to take up a custodial role in our national parks and waterways; minding the splash when one of our people recreationally kicks up a spray while water-skiing past them.

Those who become fraught at the spectacle of the Abos in the NRL all blowing a stink over refusing to sing the national anthem don’t realise what a good thing this is. Each time they grow another sac or step out of our sphere they become less of our problem. Only, we need their help on this Chinese thing and it’s in their own interests since they won’t be cutting any deals with the chief gook. If they want to sound the didgeridoo over alleged racism, they wouldn’t know the meaning of the word until Beijing planted their hideous red flag into their sacred soil and began erecting a Chairman Mao theme park.


  1. Yep. Aboriginal Australia should be encouraged at every opportunity to go for complete autonomy. But there’s no chance of that, or reconciliation or reparations or even recognition under Chinese diktat. The Australian continent is the only natural homeland for two cultures, Aboriginal and White Australia. All others have somewhere else that’s home.

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