Those who choose to read a bit of history now and then will be struck by the similarities between today’s climate change alarmist and Alt-Right “Blackpill” cults and the countless doomsday movements which have come before.

We could sit here all night listing the olden-days millenarian preachers, prophets of doom and wild-eyed religious cranks but the obvious lesson here is folks love a cult, particularly it seems, those of European extraction.

The trend lately has been toward a rivalry between warmists and coolers; two sides roughly corresponding with the old Left versus Right political paradigm; the Left adhering to the concept of dangerous anthropogenic global warming and the Right to the idea of a looming ice age brought on by a Grand Solar Minimum event.

To the nationalist observer, both seem plausible and there is hard science working on both propositions; however, we have long been under the impression that climate change merely means more extreme weather, not a tilt toward death under a boiling sun, nor mass extinction as glaciers engulf the planet.

We would suggest that in a world with unpredictable and extreme weather that mitigation of climatic effects should naturally be the priority of governments, rather than screwing over workers with carbon taxes, high energy prices and unfeasible emissions targets.

If we are moving into an era of brutally hot summers and freezing winters interspersed with dust storms, fierce rains and flooding then we should be planning infrastructure projects accordingly.

From our perspective, climate change is an engineering problem which should, in theory, be creating well-paying jobs in planning and mitigation of natural disasters rather than putting Aussies on a universal basic income and further oppressing them.

The apocalyptic mentality runs through the current zeitgeist, from Lefty climate alarmists to Alt-Righters and the Islamic Jihadis of ISIS; this negativity is hot-housed on the internet, leading many adherents into serious mental illness or blind fanaticism.

The Nihilistic behaviour of today’s school shooters, “Fashy” Armalite-toting assassins, self-radicalised Islamists and militant Leftists all comes from this same root; the battle cry is “No future!”

History shows us that secular nihilistic cults, fanatical religious sects and doomsday movements can if left unchecked, become a real problem for the societies in which they take root; such groups have routinely required the societies in which they incubate to quell them by force of arms.

Rational voices need to take precedence over manic preachers, the addled-Lefties and Alt-right troublemakers; if we need to rebuild our cities under huge geodesic domes and behind sea walls as the 1980’s futurists predicted then we need only get on with the task and make the best of what we have.

Bitching about hypotheticals and going full metal jacket crazy over internet drama or religious prophecy is no way forward. What is required are keen minds, hard work and innovation; the obnoxious little prigs bulking out the ranks of the doomsayers need to go and get fitted out in high-vis and learn a construction trade, that’s the only active measure which will save us.

Duncan Fair

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