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What happens when a nationalist campaigner takes to the polls in a predominantly working-class Victorian suburb destined to become a globalised “educity” catering to a new population of so-called overseas students who are overwhelmingly Chinese? Surprising stuff.

We spoke to Susan Jakobi, the Australia First Party candidate for the division of Lalor in Melbourne’s south-west.

What makes Susan unique is that she was Australia’s only nationalist woman candidate in the whole election and she polled higher than any of the blokes, including AFP President Jim Saleam. Of course, there were innumerable factors for the discrepancy in poll stats but who cares? The country’s only truly nationalist party pulled in much welcome election funding after the hard-working Susan managed to crack the golden 4% ceiling.

Susan herself was naturally pleased with the result but when our reporter foolishly suggested it must be much easier campaigning as a woman since the mongrel “anti-racist” dogs would be less inclined to hassle a Sheila he was put straight.

“No way,” she said. “I copped a barrel of abuse online as well as some at the prepolls but not as much. Most of the name-calling came through to my personal Facebook page but there was a heap on the Victorian AFP page. It was so bad on my personal page I had to change the settings.”

When our intrepid correspondent was shown screenshots of the abusive material, he couldn’t but help shake his head.

Clearly, Beijing had been made fully aware of Susan’s campaign and a detachment of the People’s Troll Army descended on her account. But their pidgin-rants and name-calling only serve to validate the nationalist position. Fancy sending an Australian federal candidate a message that read, “…i am sure those who voted u (sic) are those jobless white trash rely on centrelink without anY contribution to the country but jealous of others who have taken their job (sic).”

Jealous of others who have taken their job? Other messages seemed fixated with Susan’s teeth as if it is a Chinese custom to look inside a person’s mouth and judge their pearlies.

However, you cannot get past a troll who can’t even recognise the irony in their own abuse when they outright acknowledge stealing jobs courtesy of government treason then derides those who’ve lost their jobs as being pettily “jealous”. The mind boggles, but imagine if a bunch of Aussies flew to Beijing to criticise their political process. They’d have their organs harvested quicker than it takes to swallow a dim sim.

That anti-Chinese message which so gives Beijing the Shiatsus became a discernible Faultline in the multicultural narrative.

Susan describes how she won votes from Filipinos who congratulated her and AFP for their opposition to China. But perhaps the most bizarre was the Chinese woman who told Sue in regards to the party’s other message about African gangs, “No one asked us if they wanted Africans in our country.”

When asked about this Sue said it just shows the essential anomalies of multiculturalism and how the reality of it is judged only about how White Australia assimilates to other races not how they assimilate to us.

While this message must really stick in the craw of the anti-White multi-racialists, even more annoying to them would be how well she polled. AFP President Jim Saleam told us, “Sue got the largest percentage AFP has had in a federal election and it is the first time we’ve received public funding. This demonstrates that AFP does not have voters but rather followers. Susan, with her incredibly hard work, built on the voter-trust she had established in all her previous campaigns.”

It gives all true nationalists heart: it shows our message is getting through. Contrarily, the fakers and mainstreamers had a disaster. Senator Fraser Anning, whose Conservative National Party was wiped out in miserable results countrywide has only himself to blame for allowing his campaign to fall into the hands of well-known scammers keen only to get their hands on his members’ lists.

Anning, of course, succumbed to the same pressure from conservatives that made Pauline Hanson a joke and even ran a coloured person as a candidate. This isn’t helpful when you’ve made your bones on being outspoken about our White Anglo-Celtic-European heritage.

Brian Dove



  1. Contrary to what David Peng asserts the unemployment rate for the Australia-born is lower than for those born in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore.

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